US and EU deepen relations against Beijing’s “growth list” of concerns


The United States and the European Union (EU) have discussed Beijing’s “growth list” on actions in new rounds of diplomatic negotiations on China.

Both sides reiterated the importance of joint efforts to support international rules and shared values, pledged “continuous and close contact”. Joint press release Both sides issued on December 2nd.

It came after the second high-level meeting of the US-EU Dialogue on China earlier that day, co-chaired by US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and European External Action Service Director Stefano Sannino. ..

next First dialogue in MayThe December 2 speech presents an increasingly converging view and a deepening of the United Front across the Atlantic amid growing geopolitical tensions with Beijing.

Two senior diplomats warned of China’s “concerned” actions at home and abroad, including ongoing human rights abuses and rule-based violations of the international order in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tibet and Hong Kong.

“Deputy Secretary Sherman and General Secretary Sanino also discussed an increasing list of concerns about China’s actions, including those that violate international law and violate the common values ​​and interests of the United States and the EU,” the statement said. Says.

Sherman and Sanino have stated that they are ready to counter false information “China-sponsored or supported” and strengthen their economic and technological resilience. It protects intellectual property rights, critical infrastructure and sensitive technologies, implying the multifaceted threats that China poses.

According to the joint announcement, the two countries “expressed strong concern about China’s problematic one-sided actions” in the East China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. This undermines regional peace and has a direct security impact on both the United States and the EU.

“They further reaffirmed the importance of supporting and promoting freedom of navigation and flight in accordance with international law reflected in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982, and countered risks in the areas of strategic stability and cybersecurity. We talked about how to do it. “

The next day, Sherman and Sannino will hold high-level talks on the Indo-Pacific and continue talks on China.

US President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of working closely with allies to oppose China’s growing power and increasingly aggressive action globally.

An official US briefing prior to the talks said Washington and Brussels have concerns about “more and more converging” about China.

The EU said yesterday that it had deployed a $ 340 billion “global gateway” program to invest in global infrastructure projects by 2027. This move counters China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing’s global infrastructure program, which has been criticized as a vehicle, to expand its geopolitical impact.

In an interview with the Reuters Next Conference, European Commission Vice-Chairman Valdis Donbroski called 2021 “a milestone year for EU-US trade relations.”

Last month, the United States, the EU, and Japan announced that they would renew their trilateral partnership to address the challenges posed by third-country non-market policies and practices.

Rita Lee


Rita Lee is a reporter for The Epoch Times, focusing on topics related to China. She started writing the Chinese version in 2018.