US commander in Afghanistan warns of worsening security: “It’s not good”

In an interview, military commander General Scott Miller, who directs the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, told ABC that the country’s security situation deteriorated as the Taliban talked about peace and at the same time engaged in aggressive operations across the country. It was. ..

“I don’t think what you’re looking at is just looking at the security situation,” Miller said. Talked to ABC Marsalats in Kabul, In an interview published on Monday. “The Afghans realized it wasn’t good. The Taliban are moving.”

“You are undertaking offensive operations nationwide by the Taliban,” Miller said, even when the Taliban were discussing decades of political resolution to the conflict with the Afghan government.

He understands the seriousness of the problem by the Afghan government and is now moving to consolidate security forces to maintain its ability to resist the Taliban at major turning points rather than defending isolated territorial pockets. Said that he was doing.

At the same time, as the Taliban have taken control of more districts in recent weeks, there is growing concern about the potential for military takeover and civil war among Afghans in major populated areas.

“When you see the Taliban move around the country, what you don’t want to happen is that people have lost hope and they now believe they are being presented with unprecedented conclusions,” Miller said. Told the outlet. “The loss of terrain and the speed of that terrain loss must be a concern.”

NATO commander
NATO Army Commander in Afghanistan US General Scott Miller will attend a meeting at the Governor’s Complex in Kandahar on October 18, 2018 in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (Via Reuters / Reuters TV)

He warned that at some point there might be a dispute over control of the capital Kabul.

“You are starting to create conditions that are not the case here — with the promotion of military takeover, it will not look good to Afghanistan in the future,” he told the outlets.

Mr Miller said that as the withdrawal of US troops continued, more and more requests for military aid from the Afghan government had to be denied.

on the other hand, Monday Interview with The Washington Post LiveFormer Army General David Petraeus, who once commanded US and NATO troops in Afghanistan, made a clearer statement about the possibility of a civil war.

“We were afraid that we were outsourcing Afghanistan to the civil war, and it seems to be happening sooner than I was afraid,” Petraeus told the outlets.

Petraeus said weaker US support would reduce the morale of Afghan troops.

“I’ve seen the Taliban occupy dozens of districts in recent weeks. The psychological factors of that sort that are very important to soldiers are that someone is coming to rescue and close air support. They seem to know that there are additional troops, air transport, “he said.

“They seem to doubt it, and whenever it happens, you start seeing soldiers not fighting, desertifying, surrendering, what you are doing, and we I saw it in dozens of districts, “he added.

There have been multiple reports that Afghan troops have surrendered to the Taliban since the withdrawal of US troops began in May.

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