US Congress, CECC and human rights groups urge US capital powers to boycott upcoming global investment summit Hong Kong

The Global Financial Leaders Investment Summit in Hong Kong will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel on November 2nd and at HKEX Connect Hall, Hong Kong on November 3rd. US financial institution.

The US Congress and the Congressional Executive Committee on China (CECC) issued a statement urging active financial groups to reconsider their decision to attend the summit. The CECC also accused the capital giants of cheating the Hong Kong government and violating human rights if they attended.

CECC co-chairs Rep. Jim McGovern and Sen. Jeff Markley said on Oct. They called on senior executives of US financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley to reconsider attending the investment summit of global financial leaders. in Hong Kong.

The statement warned the group that by participating in the event, it would be justifying itself to oppose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and dismantle Hong Kong’s autonomy, press freedom and rule of law.

Moreover, they will be a political cover for John Lee Ka-chu, the chief executive of Hong Kong, which is subject to US sanctions.

The group said that by attending the event, attendees would not only become accomplices in violating the human rights of Hong Kong people in Hong Kong, but would also “actively undermine other countries’ democratic political processes and undermine the international order.” “We will export the liberal model,” he said.

The statement also said that if the invited financial institutions expand their investment in the authoritarian government, it will harm US national interests and further accelerate the collapse of people’s right to autonomy and freedom in Hong Kong. The CECC warned that a group of financial companies would force the US Congress to respond.

Earlier, 20 US human rights groups issued a joint statement. statement He wrote letters to the U.S. government and Congress.

The organization has accused the major US capital giant of attending an investment summit of global financial leaders in Hong Kong and gathering with human rights abusers sanctioned by the US government.

Twenty human rights groups called on the US government to act quickly.

Danny Tan


Summer Lawson