US demands release of all protesters after anxiety

Security forces on the streets of Havana

Recently, there are heavy security forces on the streets of Havana.

The United States has called for the release of all peaceful protesters detained in Cuba during the recent mayhem.

Thousands went to the streets on Sunday in protest of food and drug shortages, rising prices, and the government’s handling of Covid-19.

Dozens of people were arrested nationwide, and authorities confirmed that a man had died on Tuesday.

Unauthorized demonstrations are illegal in the country and anti-government protests are rare.

Cuba has blamed the United States and its economic sanctions on protests and Cuba’s broader problems.

At a press conference on WednesdayNed Price, a spokesman for the US State Department, said the United States was “deeply concerned” about the situation and the Cuban government’s response.

“We seek calm, condemn any violence against those who protest peacefully, and also call on the Cuban government to release those detained for peaceful protests,” he said.

It is in the midst of a US policy review on Cuba. White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Wednesday that recent protests “clearly will affect how we proceed.”

On Wednesday, AFP journalists reported that Cuban authorities had regained access to the Internet after three days of turmoil. Some messaging and social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, reportedly remained blocked in 3G and 4G.

The mobile internet has been introduced only in Cuba in the last few years, allowing people to organize and disseminate the words of recent demonstrations.

Andrea Lopez, a resident of the capital Havana, told Reuters that she couldn’t talk to her Mexican husband and couldn’t go online for days.

“They hung up on the first day, they hung up everything,” she said. “This is all the way [the government] I want it. “

The streets of Havana were reportedly calm on Wednesday, but there were quite a few guards.

Recently, arrests seem to be continuing in this country. Cuba’s YouTuber Dina Stars was interviewing a Spanish broadcaster on Tuesday. She told the channel that security forces had begun to take her away. She later posted about it on Instagram.

And from Tuesday, Reuters got footage of a young man being arrested in a town southeast of Gibara.

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