US Embassy Issues ‘Security Alert’ About Possible Terrorist Attacks In Major European Cities

The US Embassy in Belgium issued a warning this week about possible terrorist attacks targeting public areas of the country.

“Terrorist groups continue to plan possible attacks in Belgium. It can target major sports, music and cultural events, educational institutions, airports, and attack with little or no warning, and other public areas,” the warning said. Posted at the Embassy on Tuesday.

The embassy said on Wednesday that “the police have stepped up security in response to the threat of a subway attack that could take place today, March 8,” although another source said this could happen. didn’t. statement“Please continue to be aware of your surroundings and be careful when traveling in and around Brussels.”

It advises Americans to keep a low profile while in the country, avoid crowds, and be aware of their surroundings.

The Belgian Federal Police said a terrorist attack was “unlikely” after the European Commission received two emails warning of an “explosion” in the Brussels metro. report euro news.

Belgium’s “Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis assessed this threat as unlikely.” Said Agency to Le Soir. “No additional measures are required at this time. The National Crisis Center, in cooperation with all security agencies, continues to monitor the situation closely.”

Belgian police conducted a subway sweep on Wednesday, a spokesman said Said Politics. Nothing suspicious was found, the spokesperson added.

According to Le Soir’s report Publicationciting an unnamed security service with the European Commission, said the emails came from individuals who contacted the European Commission earlier this year. In light of its continued aggressive policy, I hereby warn against a large-scale terrorist attack on EU territory.”

In 2016, Belgium was hit by Muslim attacks that killed dozens at Brussels airport and Brussels’ Maelbeek metro station.The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks, but multiple reports said: The attackers belonged to the same terrorist group involved in the 2015 Paris attacks, which caused more deaths.

Meanwhile, about a week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin said defendant Ukrainian government forces carrying out a “terrorist” attack in the Bryansk region of Russia. “They invaded areas near the border and opened fire on civilians,” Putin said. “They saw a civilian vehicle with civilians in it and opened fire on the children.”