US Energy Security is National Security: Louisiana Parliamentarian Johnson

Republican Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), Vice-Chair, said a key factor in achieving national security is to make the United States energy-dominated on the world stage.

“Energy security is national security, and it’s not just the pain of pumps. Not only is it costly, but it’s also associated with instability around the world, with direct consequences,” Johnson said. He told the host. NTD’s “Parliament Building Report” During the interview on March 2nd.

He criticized the Biden administration’s foreign and energy policies as “dangerous.”

“And now we have shown weaknesses on the world stage, and as we always say, weaknesses lead to aggression. And this is a very, very dangerous time. All this could have been avoided, “Mr. Johnson said of his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Many Republicans, including Johnson, were critical of President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. Being blocked, it made Biden look weak and bolded the US enemy.

Johnson was also critical of Biden’s presidential directive to end a US energy project that would ensure US energy self-sufficiency.

“When President Biden took office, just reflexively, during his first few days in office, he struck that blizzard of presidential orders, and of course, in it, stopped the Keystone Pipeline. It also included doing this, which should have been the key for our country to maintain energy dominance as well as energy self-sufficiency. “

Johnson said Louisiana was adversely affected by Biden’s presidential directive. This included a moratorium on oil and gas permits on federal land and water.

“And, of course, he included the Moratorium in federal land, production, and off the coast of Louisiana. All of this had very, very bad consequences for production and our own domestic supply. “Johnson said. “And, of course, the biggest tragedy of all that was that we had to go to Russia and Saudi Arabia to meet the demand in the United States and ask them to supply oil demand. It’s just a crazy public. It’s a policy. “

Oil storage tank exclusively for Russian oil pipeline
On February 26, 2018, Russia’s oil pipeline exclusive Transneft oil storage tank was photographed at the Baltic Seaport in Ust-Luga, Russia. (Vladimir Soldatkin / Reuters)

Mr Johnson explains why Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine requires the United States to lead energy production, and Biden should take immediate steps to develop its own oil and gas projects. Said that.

“And it not only made us dependent on Putin, but also flooded his financial resources. And now, there are hundreds of millions of dollars in his account, because we are our own. We are looking for oil and gas supplies when we are at our feet. We need to revoke these policies immediately. “



Steve Lance


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