US envoy urges China to “stop telling Russian lies”


On July 4, the US Ambassador to China criticized the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for disinformation as “Russian propaganda,” and Beijing claims that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) instigated the war between Russia and Ukraine. Denied.

At the World Peace Forum in Beijing, US Ambassador Nicholas Burns called Russia’s war against Ukraine “the greatest threat to the world order” and claimed that China had “picked up” Russia’s information.

“We hope that a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry will stop accusing NATO of launching this war. It’s Russian propaganda,” Burns told the forum. Bloomberg..

“I hope a foreign ministry spokesman will stop lying about the American Institute for Biological Weapons, which does not exist in Ukraine,” he said. “These are all from Russia. Unfortunately, this was taken up by the Chinese.”

Mr Burns said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine not only lost countless innocent lives in Ukraine, but also depleted the world’s food supply.

“In fact, you are blocking the port of Ukraine, you are deliberately bombing the Ukrainian grain and agricultural center, and it is robbing the rest of the world of grain needed in this food crisis. “He said remarks..

Response of the Russian ambassador

Russia’s ambassador to China Andrey Denisov argued against Burns, claiming that NATO was involved in the war with Russia “through an agent.” He also denied allegations that Ukraine’s grain exports were blocked by Russia.

“Basically, my colleagues here in China say they clearly know where the roots of the Ukrainian crisis are,” he told the World Peace Forum in Beijing. South China Morning Post..

“China has a good relationship with Ukraine, and in a way I hope China can send some kind of signal to our neighbors to make it more realistic. I’m here, “he added.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told reporters, dismissing Burns’ remarks and saying that “China has always made independent decisions about the Russo-Ukraine War.”

“It’s the United States, not China, that is spreading disinformation and lying,” Zhao said. The United States “has an explanation to the world” about the Ukrainian biolab.

Russia had previously demanded that Ukraine be banned from joining NATO. Russian ambassador Mikhail Galuzin said in February that Ukraine’s accession to NATO would increase the military threat to Russia’s security of the alliance.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in March that NATO provided weapons and ammunition to Ukrainian troops, but his country would not be a member of the military alliance.

Relations between Russia and China

China and Russia supported the conflict between Ukraine and Taiwan by proclaiming an “unrestricted” partnership on the first day of the February 2022 Winter Olympics and promising to strengthen cooperation with the West.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) is shaking hands with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at a welcome ceremony at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Head of State Council on June 10, 2018 in Qingdao. increase.

Both countries Joint statement It outlines their leaders’ intention to “under all excuses to counter external interference in the sovereign’s internal affairs, oppose the color revolution, and strengthen cooperation in the areas mentioned above.”

Russia recognized Taiwan as “a part of China’s inviolability” and refused to independence of the island “in any way”, and Beijing supported Russia’s opposition to NATO expansion, according to a joint statement.

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