US estimates indicate that throughout the Iraq War, more Russian troops were killed in Ukraine than US troops in two weeks.

Russian soldiers dead in Ukraine

Russian soldiers dead in Ukraine Anastasia Vrasova / Getty Images

Russian troops continue to invade southern Ukraine, but few military experts seem to believe that the war is very successful for Russia. The invading army suffers from “very, very serious victims.” U.S. officials told CBS News On Wednesday, US estimates of 5,000 to 6,000 Russian troops were killed in action. This is comparable to a World War II defeat, US officials said. It also Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich Note“More than the number of Americans Killed during the Iraq War.. “

The US quote is Moscow claims 500 Russian casualties And that Death of 12,000 Russians Ukraine insisted. According to US intelligence, Ukrainian casualties are hundreds or thousands of killed civilians, in addition to 2,000 to 4,000 killed troops.

Ukrainian army continues to destroy A stagnant 40-mile long Russian convoy The “unexpected effect” of air defense north of Kyiv and Ukraine has reduced Russia’s aviation activity, UK Ministry of Defense said at the beginning of Thursday, With the latest public intelligence assessment. And as the number of Russian casualties increases Among the conscripted troopsRussian President Vladimir Putin said, “I was forced to draw from the entire Russian army, Other sources To make up for his loss. “

Putin planned his “disastrous” Ukrainian war “secretly to avoid leaks”, and his risk and reward analysis shows the lack of an emergency response plan from his little general’s circle, Russia’s. Misguided optimism in sanctions proof, and surprisingly distorted “the sad state of Russian expertise on Ukraine” Russian expert Alexander Gabuev at the Carnegie Moscow Center Tweet on wednesday.. The result is “a tragedy for Ukraine and a catastrophe for Russia.”

“Putin really believed that people would greet (Russians) with flowers. Instead, they I met Molotov cocktail“Ukrainian diplomat Volodomyr Shalkivskyi Said at the Australian National Press Club On thursday. “Russian soldiers entering Ukraine did not have extra ammunition or food in their packs, but they had parade uniforms for the Russian victory parade through Kyiv.” He added.. “We cannot win the war with free people who have decided to fight for freedom. There is no way for us to give up.”

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