US expansion into Kabul puts allies “high alert” to compete from Afghanistan


Of President Joe Biden isolation At least some US diplomats from Kabul are the latest signs that the Taliban are ready to overthrow the Afghan government with a final rebuttal of the US hope that Afghan security forces can counter the militants.

“The situation is basically lost,” an Indo-Pacific intelligence official who served in Afghanistan told the Washington Examiner. “What the Taliban are doing now is like humiliating everyone …. they rarely prevent them from taking over Kabul militarily when they want to.”

The surge of Taliban attacks has driven Afghan civilians from all over the country to Kabul. There, women and children are tenting in city parks as US and British officials are competing to withdraw personnel from embassies in poor capital. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s team touted the possibility of negotiations between the Afghan government and militants to create a peace agreement, but even senior State Department officials have been completely helpless to stop the Taliban tide. Could not be hidden in.

“I woke up with all my heart, thinking of all the Afghan women and girls I worked with during my stay in Kabul,” said the Department of State, the chief bureaucrat of US involvement in Western Europe and the European Union. Deputy Assistant Secretary Molly Montgomery wrote: NS Since-Deleted Tweets.. “They were the beneficiaries of the many benefits we achieved, and now they will lose everything. We gave them the initiative, but now they have the power to protect them. There is none.”

“They are now sitting in the same room”: The United States is talking about peace as the Taliban attacks continue

That disappointment is consistent with an independent analysis of the security crisis. “The speed of the Taliban sweeps across the country is very unlikely to be able to withstand Kabul for more than a few weeks,” said the Eurasia Group’s assessment released Friday. “The Taliban now dominates more territory than it did when it last came to power in 2001.”

The Taliban victory cascade continued on Friday Conquest The collapse of the two largest cities in the country after Kabul, Herat and Kandahar, Announcement US troops will deploy in Afghanistan to ensure a reduction in US diplomatic presence in Kabul. An army of about 3,000 was set up to be part of this effort.

“The United States has given up,” said an Indo-Pacific intelligence official. “They wanted all this s *** to hit the ceiling after 6-8 months, and it’s happening much faster than expected.”

Nevertheless, Kabul stands as the most likely haven for Afghan citizens forced to flee the Taliban’s advance beyond other city centres. More than 240,000 people have been expelled from their homes since May, according to the UN Refugee Organization. estimate Released on Monday, the numbers precede the Taliban’s victory in Herat and Kandahar.

“We call on the United Nations and other international organizations to work with the United Nations and other international organizations to provide all sorts of assistance to the vast numbers of people who have sought refuge in Kabul for atrocities, vengeful murders, looting and rape by Talib. “I will.” Tweeted on Monday, Vice President Amurrasare of Afghanistan. “A painful scene on the streets of Kabul.”

Blinken’s team is promoting US non-military support for Afghanistan throughout the Taliban attacks, including Afghan girls. “Education is the foundation for children and young people to build a richer future for themselves, their families and their communities,” the embassy newsletter pledged Wednesday. “The United States is working to support these life-changing education initiatives to improve access and quality of education for young Afghans over the next few years.”

The breaking news was from the embassy since Saturday, when Kabul’s diplomatic team urged Americans to leave the country soon and issued another message condemning the “new violent attack on the Taliban since the city of Afghanistan.” It was the first news release. Another security warning followed immediately on Friday as high-ranking Washington officials were preparing to announce a “private sector cut” in Kabul with the help of the Pentagon.

“The situation at the US Embassy in Kabul is worse than what the State Department says,” said Tom Bowman of NPR. Tweet Friday. “Email has stopped. Almost all employees are packing and very few are heading to another location. Staff are preparing to destroy sensitive paper, computers and phones. increase.”

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State Department spokesman Ned Price emphasized Thursday that the government is “reducing the size of civilian footprints” rather than “withdrawing wholesale” or closing embassies. Domestic US allies are preparing for the complete withdrawal of Western diplomats from Kabul, but they want to avoid the extreme consequences.

“Staff and all logistical support will depart [within] According to European officials, “24 hours” as needed. This is an important signal for the Afghan government that NATO remains and that NATO is still somehow supporting political groups. “

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