US is ready to help Israeli Palestinians if they want a ceasefire

U.S. reveals to UN Security Council on Sunday that it is ready to provide assistance “if parties seek a ceasefire” to end the exacerbating violence between Israeli and Palestinian terrorist groups He said he did. ..

“The United States has been energetically working through diplomatic channels to end the conflict,” UN Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield told a 15-member council. “We believe that Israelis and Palestinians have equal rights to live in safety and security.”

When the UN Security Council was convened to discuss the worst Israeli-Palestinian violence in years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli campaign in Gaza was continuing “at full power.”

Netanyahu also defended an Israeli airstrike on Saturday, destroying the 12-story building where the Associated Press and Al Jazeera TV Network had offices. He said the structure was a legitimate target as it also contained terrorist group intelligence.

“We are now (and) acting to restore calm and tranquility to you, an Israeli citizen, as long as necessary. President Netanyahu will be televised after meeting with his Security Cabinet. Said in his speech.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the UN “is actively involved on all sides for an immediate ceasefire” and called for “enhancing and successful mediation efforts.”

Ceasefire efforts by Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations have shown no signs of progress so far. The United States has sent envoys to the region, and US President Joe Biden met with Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday.

“In all these involvements with the Israeli authorities, the Palestinian Authority, and all regional partners, the United States reveals that it is ready to provide our support and a good office if the parties seek a ceasefire. “I did,” said Thomas Greenfield.

Gaza’s death toll has skyrocketed to 192, including 58 children, in Israel’s fierce aerial and cannon barrage since the outbreak of fighting last Monday, the Ministry of Health said. In Israel, thousands of rocket attacks by Hamas and other terrorist groups killed 10 people, including two children.

Israeli UN Ambassador to the United States Gilad Erdan said Israel’s response to Hamas’ indiscriminate attacks adhered to international law and that the country “has taken unparalleled steps to prevent civilian casualties.”

“Israel uses missiles to protect children. Hamas uses children to protect missiles,” Erdan said.

Beyond the current rekindling of the conflict, the 22-member Cairo-based Arab League has given the Biden administration “to engage in a more aggressive, influential and deeper way in the Middle East peace process.” I asked. Security Council.

Palestinians want the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, whose capital is East Jerusalem, the entire territory occupied by Israel in 1967.

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