US, Israel begin high-level tech talks, Washington fears China’s influence


The United States and Israel will participate in the first meeting of the “U.S.-Israel Strategic High-Level Dialogue on Technology” initiative on September 28, which aims to establish partnerships on emerging and critical technologies between nations. did.

Countries will support research and implementation of “trusted AI in healthcare”, including “just AI-driven health systems,” allowing medical researchers to test the impact of medicines and treatments, according to a Sept. 30 statement. agreed to increase the ability toWhite House fact sheetIt also explores how AI can be used to develop new crop varieties, such as seeds that are “more resilient to climate change.”

Next month, Israel and the United States will sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen cooperation in biomedical research, including molecular and genomic medicine. They work together for global health security and pandemic preparedness.

Climate change technology initiatives include supporting renewable hydrogen and solar energy, extreme weather forecasting and disaster risk reduction initiatives, and collaborating on battery supply chains.

“Collaboration with the United States accounts for only 19% of Israel’s research with other countries, as opposed to 56% in Europe,” said Farkash-Hakohen, Israel’s Minister for Innovation, Science and Technology. According to information dated September 29, it said: press release By the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Good partners and allies like Israel and the United States need and can take important steps to expand the scope of joint research that constitutes the foundation of high tech. is currently doing.”

The dialogue was agreed in July by President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid. The Sept. 28 meeting was held in Washington between US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Israeli National Security Advisor Dr. Eyal Furata. The next conference he will hold in Israel in 2023.

Countering Chinese influence

The move to deepen technology cooperation between Israel and the United States comes amid concerns over China’s growing influence in the nation’s technology in the Middle East.

During the Trump administration, Washington pressured Israel to set up a review process aimed at allowing government officials to block deals if there were national security concerns. Israel set up a review process in 2019, but excluded the tech industry.

At the Sept. 28 meeting, the United States and Israel agreed on a plan to manage risks to the technology ecosystem, including investment reviews.

2020 study The RAND Corporation, a global policy think tank, has found that the security risks of Chinese investment and construction could affect relations between the United States and Israel.

He pointed out that China’s and Israel’s interests in the Middle East are incompatible, and warned that the CCP’s investment and construction projects in Israel could lead not only to the leaking of classified technology, but also to cyber espionage.

in an interview with bloombergEhud Levy, general partner at Canaan Partners Israel and partner at Lenovo Capital in China, said that while Washington has not been successful in getting Israeli startups to fully adopt its policy agenda, the United States has seen several He said he succeeded in persuading entrepreneurs to choose. side.

“If you have a term sheet from a Chinese investor and a term sheet from a US investor, the CEO will choose the safe option,” Levy said. “It’s not government guidance or anything like that. It’s a purely commercial decision.”

Naveen Aslapury


Naveen Athrappully is a news reporter covering business and world events for The Epoch Times.