US Issues Another Warning About Possible Terrorist Attack In Turkey

ISTANBUL — The U.S. embassy in Turkey on Monday warned Americans of possible attacks on churches, synagogues and diplomatic missions in Istanbul, the second such attack in four days following the burning of the Koran in Europe. I made a notification like

In its latest security alert, the U.S. embassy said “imminent retaliatory attacks by terrorists” could occur in areas frequented by Westerners, particularly in the city’s Beyoglu, Galata, Taksim and Istiklal districts. I said yes.

Turkish authorities are investigating the matter, he added.

On Friday, several embassies in Ankara, including the United States, Germany, France and Italy, issued security alerts over possible retaliatory attacks on places of worship following another incident in which Korans were burned in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark. was issued.

On Saturday, Turkey warned its citizens against “potential attacks of Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism” in the US and Europe.