US military doctor and his wife charged with spying for Russia

unidentified US soldier

unidentified US soldier

A chief U.S. military doctor and wife of a civilian doctor have been charged with plotting to leak information to the Russian government.

Jamie Lee Henry and Anna Gabrillian have been accused of plotting to share classified information about military hospital patients.

The two are said to have told an undercover FBI agent they were motivated by Russian patriotism.

A representative for the couple has yet to comment on the matter.

There is also no comment from the Russian authorities.

The two were charged with conspiracy and disclosure of identifiable health information in an indictment filed in a court in Baltimore, Maryland, which was opened Thursday after their arrest.

Prosecutors said the couple wanted to help the Russian government “gain insight into the medical conditions of individuals associated with the U.S. government and military.”

According to the indictment, Major Henry, 39, planned to use her security clearance to access personal medical records from a hospital at Fort Bragg, a large military base where she worked. I was.

Dr. Gabrillian, 36, is accused of plotting to share information from what he believes to be the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where he works.

She is said to have offered assistance to the Russian Embassy in Washington months ago after Russia invaded Ukraine.

In mid-August, she was contacted by a person who claimed to work for the Russian Embassy, ​​but who was actually an FBI agent.

According to the indictment, she told her agent, “Driven by patriotism towards Russia, I want to provide all possible support to Russia, even if I am fired or put in prison.”

She offered to bring her wife to the conspiracy, said she had access to the base’s medical information and gave agents insight into how the United States is training its military to provide assistance to Ukraine. being denounced.

At another meeting the same day, Major Henry is said to have told his deputies that she was also devoted to Russia and was considering enlisting in the Russian army.

She clearly said she has reservations about violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), against which the couple is being prosecuted.

However, Dr. Gabrielian was said to have had no such concerns, and handed over some information in late August.

The indictment suggests that the couple planned to turn over medical records to prove their willingness to help Russians and their level of access to confidential information.

Dr. Gavrilian was also accused of telling deputies that her wife could share information about how the U.S. military set up army hospitals in a state of war and previous training that the U.S. provided to Ukrainian forces. ing.

If convicted, the defendant faces up to five years in prison for conspiracy and ten years for each charge of disclosing health information.

Major Henry became the first active-duty U.S. government official to come out as transgender the same year the couple got married in 2015, after the Army gave them permission to officially change their name and gender in 2015. was an army officer.

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