US ‘most tolerant’ of child gender transitions, Europe retreats, study shows

The United States is the “most tolerant country” for legal and medical transsexuals in children, according to a new study.

of reportDo No Harm, a group that seeks to insulate medical professionals from “radical, diverse and discriminatory ideologies,” announced Monday. Number of youth gender clinics.

“In a sharp departure from the gender-affirmation model adopted in the United States, these countries are now discouraging automatic respect for children’s self-declarations on the grounds that the risks outweigh the benefits, while at the same time addressing the problem. Seeking months-long psychotherapy sessions to deal with -developing mental health issues,” the report said. “Especially in the UK, Cass Review believes the lack of protective measures for children at the largest pediatric gender centers is due to a ‘positive model’ ‘originating in the United States’.”

Last July, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) announced it would close its only children’s gender identity clinic, the Tavistock Clinic, in 2023. The NHS has published an official report, the Cass Review (pdf), conducted by Dr Hilary Cass, a top UK pediatrician and former Chancellor of the Royal College of Pediatrics, cited concerns about safety issues and long-term effects.

As a result, the NHS said it would move young people it believes to have gender dysphoria to regional centers and take a more “holistic” approach with mental health support.

In November 2022, the World Association of Transgender Health Professionals (WPATH) said the Cass review had “serious flaws.”

Swedish health authorities have updated their guidelines for transgender adolescents, recommending against puberty blockers, surgery, and sex reassignment hormones before adulthood.

In Finland, adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria were allowed access to pubertal blockers and hormones until 2020. The country’s National Medical Commission has changed how it deals with the issue through new guidelines recommending identity investigations and mental health treatments.

“America’s Inflection Point”

Andrew Brown, vice president of policy for the nonprofit Texas Public Policy Foundation, released the following report (pdf) as well as a new study in June 2022. He illustrated the situation with a hiking analogy. “The U.S. was a hiker, but all the other countries — England, Finland, Sweden — were like, ‘No, it’s more down. That’s not a good trail,'” he told the Epoch Times.

“And we are at a tipping point in the United States to make a decision: Do we go down this path that other countries are telling us not to do, or listen to their advice and stop offering these medicinal products? Is it an experimental treatment for children?

Dr. Michelle Cletera, executive director of the American Academy of Pediatricians, said she has warned parents about “transgender ideology” since 2016. Cletera has worked as a pediatrician specializing in behavioral health for 15 years.

“While many European countries have only one gender clinic for children, the United States has at least 80 pediatric gender clinics where independent doctors and nurses work with adolescent blockers and heterosexuals. You can prescribe hormones,” she told the Epoch Times. “It’s much easier to research and obtain data on benefits or harms from a single, centralized clinic,” she said, suggesting that European countries should take precautions in medical procedures for gender transition. I explained why I was there.

“The myth that sex and gender are both social constructs has permeated throughout American public institutions, including the academic, medical, and mental health industries, and this ideological myth has both potential and practical implications for children. “The vast majority of Americans, both ordinary and professional, know that sex is innate and constant from conception to death.” I’m sure there will be, but I’m keeping quiet for fear of it being canceled or worse.”

Brown said his organization will work with state representatives to pass new legislation to “provide common-sense protections to keep children from undergoing medical experimentation in Texas.”

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, director of Do No Harm, told the Epoch Times in an email. “Our study documents the concerns expressed by many European countries about caring for children with gender dysphoria. It shows how you are harming your children. “

Epoch Times seeks comment on WPATH.

Terry Wu

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