US Open Champion was celebrated in China for her legacy


Emma Raducanu of the United Kingdom holds trphy to celebrate her victory in the women's singles final on the 12th day of the US Open.

Chinese social media users can’t get enough Emma Raducanu

Chinese social media users are celebrating British tennis star Emma Raducanu. Her historic US Open championship, But her Chinese heritage.

Raducanu was born in Canada to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother before moving to London at the age of two.

Many Weibos on Chinese sites praised her 18-year-old as a “Donbay girl.” This is a reference to the mother’s ancestral home.

Her video to thank the fans in Mandarin was also spread by word of mouth.

“She speaks like’a girl in Northeast China’. What a wonderful thing!” I read Weibo’s comment.

Raducanu was openly talking about her mixed race in a previous interview. This is what Chinese netizens are proud of.

“She visited China on a regular basis and said that one of her idols was Li Na. I was very impressed,” Weibo user wrote referring to a famous former Chinese tennis player.

Others likened her to a Taiwanese pop star. “We have to help Rainie Yang on the tennis court,” another said.

However, some users chose to keep some distance. “She is an Englishman. Why are all of you now trying to claim her as yours?”

In an interview, Raducanu paid tribute to her mother and that side of her family.

“They are very mentally resilient. It’s like nothing can beat them. I think I’m taking most of the inspiration from her. My mother is very lifelong. I’m working hard, “she added, adding that she learned about discipline and respect for others. People from her.

A teenager who visited her mother’s ancestor Shenyang on vacation said she liked nothing but a glimpse of a Taiwanese television show.

On Saturday, Raducanu defeated Canadian teen Leylah Fernandez in a straight set at the US Open to become the British woman to win the Grand Slam final for the first time in 44 years.

Emma Raducanu of England won the women's singles final alongside runner-up Leylah Fernandez of Canada and won the trophy.

Leylah Fernandez and Emma Raducanu, teen tennis sensations, are both mixed races

Given how Fernandez is a mixed heritage (her father is Ecuadorian and her mother is Filipino), Filipino social media users were equally intrigued and proud.

“I’m happy to see the Philippines finally cheering for someone in the tennis world,” one person said on Facebook.

She confessed in an interview that she didn’t know much about Filipino culture, but said she loved Filipino food.

“I don’t know much about Filipino culture, but I know my Lolo (grandfather) cooks great food. When he returned to Canada in Toronto, he had really good food, especially Filipino food. I will make it. I miss it. “

Her father and former soccer player Jorge also told reporters, “I am deeply grateful to the Filipino community for supporting Leila. She is of Filipino blood. It is very beautiful.”

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