US releases oldest detainee from Guantanamo Bay without charges after 17 years

The United States announced that it had released the oldest detainee at the Guantanamo Bay detention center and sent it back to Pakistan.

pakistan nationals Saifla ParachaA 75-year-old man was first detained at the facility in 2003. said to It allegedly provided substantial financial support to Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist groups shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and was in contact with high-profile terrorists such as Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. . His son was found guilty of laundering $200,000 of his money from Pakistan to an American for Al Qaeda.

He has never been indicted before a military commission or any other court for crimes against the United States. He was held as a war law detainee.

US Department of Defense announced On Saturday, it said it had “completed the responsible transfer requirements” in consultation with its partners in Pakistan.

“The United States appreciates the willingness of Pakistan and other partners to support ongoing US efforts focused on responsibly reducing detainee numbers and ultimately closing the Guantanamo Bay facility. I will,” he added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan also announced statement It confirmed Paracha’s release and arrival in Pakistan on Saturday.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has completed an extensive interagency process to facilitate the repatriation of Mr Paracha. Stated.

The Pentagon said in May 2021 that the Review Board had determined that Parachha “is no longer necessary to protect against continuing and significant threats to the security of the United States,” and on September 12, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he had notified Congress of his intentions. Extradition of Paracha to Pakistan.

The same review panel found in May 2021 that two other persons detained at Guantanamo Bay (Abdul Rabbani of Pakistan and Othman Abdul Al-Rahim Uthman of Yemen) were unnecessarily institutionalized, both of whom were accused by the United States of America. I have determined that I have not been charged with a crime. .

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The main gate of the US Guantanamo Naval Base prison on October 16, 2018 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Reprieve, an inmate advocacy group working with Paracha, said: celebrated The latest news was a “big win”, but said Paracha was returning to his hometown and family as “a frail old man after the prime of his life”.

“That injustice can never be rectified,” the group said. addition “I once described my life in Guantánamo as ‘living in my grave,'” Paracha said.

“The United States’ acceptance of indefinite detention without trial has done lasting damage,” the group said, advocating the closure of Gitmo.

according to In Reprieve’s version of the event, “Saifullah was a successful businessman and philanthropist who was kidnapped by U.S. officials while in Thailand on a business trip. Handed over to Bagram Air Force Base, a black site in the U.S.A year later, he was shackled and flown to Guantanamo.His health deteriorated during his custody in the U.S., including two heart attacks. He was unanimously cleared for release by US security agencies in May 2021, but was finally released and repatriated to Pakistan.”

According to the Department of Defense, 35 detainees remain at Guantanamo Bay. Another 20 of him are eligible for transfer. Three are eligible for the Periodic Review Board. Nine people are involved in the military commission process. The ministry also said three detainees were convicted by a military commission.

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