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Chauvin’s belief turned his attention to three other police officers who attended during Floyd’s arrest.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of two murders, three murders, and two manslaughter charges for George Floyd’s death on Tuesday, but another trial is planned. .. A police officer who joined Floyd’s arrest last May. Currently, the trials of former Minneapolis police officers J. Alexander Kueng (27), Thomas Lane (38) and Tou Thao (35) began on August 23, and the man was charged with manslaughter. I am. Floyd’s second murder and second manslaughter. If convicted, they may face imprisonment of 16 years or more. A hearing is scheduled for May 20 at the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and the State Attorney’s Office is calling for additional third-class murder charges against Quen, Lane, and Sao. On May 25, 2020, police officers answered a call at Cup Foods in Minneapolis after Floyd was reportedly trying to pass a fake $ 20 bill. Video of Floyd’s arrest shows Chauvin having his knees on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, and prosecutors said that Quen, who graduated from police academy in 2019, at some point Chauvin and Lane He said he was kneeling on Floyd’s back. When Floyd stopped responding, Quen checked the pulse and reported that no pulse was found. Lane, who was in police for just a few days, was a handcuffed police officer who told Floyd to get out of the car. Prosecutors say Chauvin, Quen, and Lane all used their weight to keep Floyd on the ground after resisting attempts to get behind the police car. When Lane asked if Floyd should be rolled at some point, Chauvin replied, “No, we stayed where we got him.” Sao, who rejoined the army in 2012 after being fired, arrived at Cup Foods with Chauvin after Floyd had already been handcuffed. Prosecutors say Sao had no physical contact with Floyd, but was able to see how Floyd was detained and refused to intervene. After Floyd’s death, all police officers were fired and arrested. Kueng, Lane, and Thao are currently paying $ 750,000 on bail. In January, COVID-19 security measures split their trial from Chauvin’s trial. More Stories from New HBO Show You Can’t Stop Watching All 40 Oscar-nominated movies ranked this year