USC graduate, medical student, Hooters server talked about in her job preparation video

Kirsten Songer’s class, a 2021 University of South Carolina graduate, has been played millions of times in a video she created about her routine to prepare for work.

She works for Hooters. And she plans to enroll in medical school in the fall.

In one video, she discusses her dressing routine and the joy of working at a famous chicken wings restaurant. Her TikTok and other social media. She also talks about the customers who are bothering her.

Buzz published an article about Songer on June 29th.

Hanahan’s Songer passes by the flathooters girl on TikTok.Her video How she makes her bust “perfect for everyday work” It has been viewed about 17 million times.

Unless you get angry in the cleavage, it’s not a funny video.

The other is how she prepares for work. This includes special clothing and makeup and has been viewed over 670,000 times.

Songer is happy to talk about being a “Hooters Girl” on social media channels. Including her Instagram.. She has dozens of videos and photos about her work. She also participated in this year’s Hooters Pageant, shooting the next Hooters calendar.

She is also an outstanding student at USC.

She states in an Instagram post that she graduated from Magna Cum Laude with leadership. According to the post, she majored in exercise science and had two minors in biology and medical humanities. She belonged to the Honor Society Alpha Epsilon Delta in the School of Medicine.She also played Gameock Women’s Rugby Club Team..

Next year, she plans to start medical school at USC.

One video shows that she pays about $ 75,000 a year to attend medical school.

She said that’s why she works for Hooters.

Hooters has two locations in Colombia — 77112 Notch Road and 5195 Fernandina Road.

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