USC Riley details coup recruitment, reunion with Williams

Los Angeles (AP) — Lincoln Riley says he didn’t talk to Caleb Williams five weeks after the coach left Oklahoma until the day his former star quarterback entered the transfer portal.

The new Southern California coach, along with two ex-Sooners who decided to chase Riley from Norman to the West Coast, must patiently and stressfully wait for the chance to land the highlight of his first recruitment class on a Trojan horse. I had to.

“There is a long period of no communication,” Riley said Wednesday, announcing a class for the signing period in February. “And suddenly Caleb and his parents decided to jump into the transfer portal. I had a conversation shortly after, but I think I couldn’t speak football at all. It’s like a long-lost friend. It was like. I’m glad I was able to reconnect. “

Riley signed a second contract with Williams, and a former five-star new employee enrolled at USC last Friday. Quarterback commitments have limited the abundant transport of Trojan horses on transfer portals. Riley signed 13 players away from other schools, from Oregon to Virginia, adding elite talent to his first roster.

Riley said he has no plans to rely heavily on this in the future. His assessment of the Trojan’s 2021 roster identified spots that needed immediate improvement, and his coaching staff actively worked to find veteran college players who wanted to join them. rice field.

“This year is a unique year and a unique situation,” Riley said. “When you’re actually refreshing your roster to fill the amount of spots you’re trying to fill, it’s very valuable to be able to use it to fill all of these various mechanisms.”

USC has signed two veteran Pac-12 running backs at Travisdai, Oregon and Austin Jones, Stanford. These players launched a total of 2,318 yards of attacks last season. They also got three productive transfer receivers: Mario Williams in Oklahoma, Brenden Rice in Colorado, and Terre Rubinum in Washington.

Mario Williams and Caleb Williams are already close duos, and Riley believes his new quarterback will form a bond similar to his new receiver. Caleb Williams made the Trojan wait nearly a month before announcing the decision, but Riley knows Williams is eager to work in his new home.

“He’s really working hard on his technology and doing a great job of connecting people,” Riley said. “I think what he’s most excited about right now is going to class, being with everyone, being part of a team and being part of a college.”

The Trojan horse recruitment class is a short-term, powerful transport at school that was held four to eight times last season. Riley believes he was fascinated by the immediate chances of a player winning in a desirable location like Southern California. In Southern California, name, image, and portrait rights are only more valuable in future uncertain recruitment situations.

“I think the real surge (at NIL) is happening now, as recruitment is becoming more competitive,” Riley said. “It’s a factor, and no one pays attention to it otherwise …. I think it will continue to be another way we can separate ourselves as a program, and We absolutely plan to do so. “


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