Uzbekistan says hundreds of Afghan soldiers flee across borders with dozens of aircraft


Tashkent — Hundreds of Afghan soldiers fled to Uzbekistan over the weekend with 22 military aircraft and 24 helicopters.

The Uzbek Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that a total of 585 Afghan soldiers had arrived by air and another 158 had crossed the border on foot.

This statement contradicted a previous statement by the Uzbek Ministry of Defense that an Afghan military aircraft had been shot down by the Uzbek air defense forces.

The Afghan government collapsed on Sunday and Taliban terrorists ruled the capital Kabul.

Afghanistan’s jet crashed late Sunday in Surxondaryo Region, the southernmost province of Uzbekistan, adjacent to Afghanistan. Prosecutors said pilots from both Afghanistan and Uzbek planes had left and survived.

At present, when Afghan soldiers and aircraft were forced to land in the border city of Thermes when they first arrived, it was not clear from the prosecutor’s statement.

Tajikistan, another former Soviet republic bordering Afghanistan, also said on Monday that two Afghan military aircraft carrying a total of more than 100 soldiers were allowed to land in the city of Tajik.