Vaccinated Australians can receive Qantas rewards


Qantas has flagged plans to encourage Australians to be vaccinated against COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP virus, allowing airlines to fly more flights.

Domestic airlines are anxious for the reopening of the state and borders and are looking forward to vaccines to help.

Qantas Customer Director Stephanie Tally said on Friday, “As a large company that relies on travel to get employees and planes back to work, we clearly support a national vaccine effort. I am motivated. “

Attracting travelers with vouchers and credits may be part of a strategy to reward those who receive the jab.

“We’re still thinking about how this works, but the incentive could be a Qantas point, a Qantas or Jetstar flight voucher, or a frequent flyer status credit.”

The state airline will provide approximately 1,000 Qantas points to vaccinated persons. This is worth $ 20 to $ 25.

“Qantas is very supportive of Australia’s vaccination because it makes sense for public health, but it’s also the key to opening domestic borders and safely resuming international travel,” Tally said. Told.

This is after Virgin Australia CEO Jane Frudrika said on May 17 that Australia would need to open its borders once adequate vaccination rates were achieved for economic and health reasons. Because we are not exposed to the viruses and challenges that other countries in the world are dealing with. “

“It will make us sick, but it won’t hospitalize us. Some people may die, but it will be much smaller than the flu,” she said.

Hrdlicka commented that Prime Minister Scott Morrison was subject to national CCP virus restrictions enforced by state and territory governments as part of a roadmap for fully vaccinated people to more travel freedom. Came after saying that he didn’t want to be.

This week, Qantas will add seven new domestic flights between major Australian cities as domestic demand continues to rise following a pandemic slump, and its capacity will exceed 100% of pre-COVID levels in the coming months. I predicted.

Andrew David, CEO of Qantas and International, said the new route will help support the growing demand for domestic tourism.

“Australian vacations are more regular in the country as most international travel is banned so far, and these new direct flights to major tourist destinations are expected to be popular with travelers. Will be done, “says David. statement on Tuesday.

“Currently, our customers have 45 flight routes than before the coronavirus infection, giving them even easier access to their next vacation or business meeting.

Passengers may also fly between major cities on wider-body aircraft, usually only available on international long-haul flights, using the option of a business suite between the East Coast capital and Perth and Darwin. I can.

The Airbus A330-200 once operated international flights to Asia, but plans to increase routes from Sydney and Brisbane to Darwin and from Sydney and Melbourne to Perth.

Meanwhile, the Embraer E190 regional jet has partnered with Alliance Airlines to serve five new routes.

AAP contributed to this report.