Vaccination silver bullet does not warn Australian senators


Senator Matt Canavan warns that vaccination is not a silver bullet for Australian society to return to normal, and warns political leaders to act “openly” and “live with the virus.” I told you I need to learn.

Canavan commented in Congress on August 4 when he read a second time a new bill to fund the payment of subsidies to businesses.

“It’s a national past that we’re here to stand up to the Australian people and get rid of the illusions and fairy tales that keep them asleep,” he said. .. Senate.

“We know the facts and reality of this horrific pandemic, and what will happen in the next few years in this country, regardless of what we do or how many people will be vaccinated in the coming months. We have to confront them about, “he added.

On August 3, the Doherty Institute held a press conference with Prime Minister Scott Morrison to outline the modeling used to support the federal strategy to ease COVID restrictions through step-by-step vaccination goals. did.

modeling(pdf), Even if 80% of Australians were vaccinated (according to federal plans, if border restrictions were relaxed), more than 40,010 Australians were vaccinated in just 180 days. It has been suggested that a person may develop a symptomatic infection and 439 people may die.

In addition, 238,991 unvaccinated Australians were infected and 842 died.

However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that the higher the vaccination rate, the lower the infection and mortality rates.

Senator Canavan said the “truth of the situation” was that the restrictions would remain for a long time.

“These 280,000 coronavirus infections will be in the world where we still had the rule of 2 square meters. According to this modeling, they will be in the world. There, the capacity of the sports stadium. Is still only 70%, “he said. “It will be a world where we were still testing, tracking, quarantining and quarantining.”

“I’m a vaccinated person, but I can’t keep telling people the illusion that they can solve all these problems,” he added. “We can’t get out of it without responding frankly to the Australian people. We continue to keep these very cruel blockades and cost the economy, especially the people, enormous costs.”

Senators were also critical of the cost of the blockade, saying its effectiveness was questionable.

A recent blockade in Sydney, New South Wales, according to a study by another medical research institute, the Burnet Institute. Avoid 4,000 infections..Investment fund AMP is closed Costs $ 150 million per day..

“Therefore, as of the 35th, the blockade cost $ 5.3 billion to avoid 4,000 coronavirus cases,” he said. “We are spending $ 1.3 million to avoid all cases of coronavirus. This is $ 1.3 million per case, not death, not admission to the ICU ward, but one case. It’s around. “

“We don’t apply it to other public policy issues,” Kanaban said. “Annual 22,000 Australians die from smoking, 5,000 die from alcohol, and about 1,000 die on our roads. We do not ban these things. We do not ban them. I live with. “

Currently, some of Australia’s three states have withstood blockage restrictions due to low immunization rates in Australia.

Daniel Y. Ten