Vaccine mandate could cost billions of dollars in Australian states, as 39,000 people are likely to lose their jobs

A drastic vaccination mandate in Western Australia (WA) could cost an estimated 39,000 workers to lose jobs and livelihoods, a figure that costs about $ 2.9 billion (US $ 2.1 billion) to the state economy. Is estimated to be multiplied.

Premier of Western Australia, Mark Magawan, has implemented one of Australia’s most important vaccination obligations, with more than 75% of the state’s workforce (equivalent to more than one million inhabitants) in January. You need to be vaccinated by.

However, this is costly, and the Chamber of Commerce WA (CCIWA), which is the peak of industry groups, Research 3.7% of employees (about 55,000 workers) were not vaccinated with COVID-19 “under any circumstances”.

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On December 1, 2021, mining and other workers placed a shirt in front of the Western Australian Capitol to protest vaccination obligations in Perth, Australia. (Epoch Times)

Of this figure, 39,000 are subject to vaccination obligations and will not be permitted under the new state government directive. In addition, the December 1 industry deadline has prevented thousands of workers, including mining and police, from working.

An additional 71,000 staff (4.8%) said they were still considering whether to vaccinate against COVID-19.

WA remains the country’s lowest vaccinated state, with only 76.6 percent of the population over the age of 12 receiving both vaccinations.

Mandatory facial repulsion

This is because tens of thousands of Western Australians have come out to protest the order 14 times since the beginning of October.

In addition, the Government of Western Australia faces legal proceedings from police officers who are challenging the state and its chief health officer over orders. It is understood that health and other industries are planning to initiate similar procedures.

An officer on behalf of the group, who quit his job or is about to end because he refused the vaccine, told The Epoch Times that his mission cost significant mental health to officers facing a lifelong career loss. He said.

“It’s been a huge blow to the mental health of the affected officers. I personally talked to a police officer who was out of order and on sick leave, and committed suicide, which is directly related to his obligations. There were even attempts, “said former West Australian police officer Jordan McDonald.

The international consensus on vaccination obligations remains unclear.

Currenlty Ireland, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, had to impose new restrictions at 93%, following the recent breakthrough in COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, the state of Florida in the United States has abolished vaccination and masking obligations and is now tied as the state with the fewest COVID-19 cases per person per day.

However, the Premier of Western Australia continues to stick to his decision to maintain health orders.

“The mandate remains,” McGowan told ABC Radio.

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Premier of Western Australia Mark Magawan will address the media at a press conference at the Dumas House in Perth, Australia, on April 27, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Paul Kane / Getty Images)

“I can’t say what the future prime minister will do, but they will be there for a very long time while I am the prime minister.”

“This will be a long-term situation, so people will have to go and be vaccinated.”

Western Australia has been criticized for its strict blockade and mandatory vaccines, and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is comparing state measures with North Korea.

If you or someone you know needs help with their mental health, call Lifeline at 13 1114 in Australia. Or in the United States, (800) 273-8255 suicide hotline.

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