Vaccine Obligation for Victorian Politicians Passes House of Commons in Australian Legislature

The COVID-19 vaccine will soon become mandatory for all Victorian staff and members of parliament after passing the House of Representatives with overwhelming support and one negative vote.

The Victoria State Government wants to impose vaccine obligations under urgent authority. This requires all staff and politicians to be vaccinated once by October 15th or to book vaccination before October 22nd. Dosage must be booked by November 26th.

Unvaccinated members of parliament will be suspended from access to parliamentary grounds until the second seat day of the 2022 parliamentary year. In the meantime, they have to work remotely.

Three lawmakers could be affected and locked out of parliament until next year.

The motion was supported by major parties, both Labor and the Liberal Party, as well as the People, the Greens, and Independent Parliamentarian Susanna Seed.

Liberal Party Lose Staley and Tim Read of the Greens expressed concern about freedom of speech and the right to consent to medical care, but still lagging behind the motion.

Only Forest Hill’s Liberal Party, MP Neil Angus, opposed the move and voted against it. He also chose not to vaccinate.

Opposition leader Matthey Guy said he couldn’t force a 60-year-old child to undergo medical treatment.

“I did have a personal conversation with him about it, but I’m not about beating people. When it comes to vaccination, my view is clear and educates people,” Guy said. Told reporters on October 14th.

“He has the right to oppose this party in the rules of the Liberal Party if you follow a particular process. He did it all. Obviously, disagree with this view, but Congress Make that decision, and you will have to live with the outcome of that parliament, “he said.

The motion will now go to the House of Councilors, where it will meet opposition from two LDP members, David Limbrick and Tim Quilty. Both have vowed not to give their vaccine passports if the motion is passed, calling the move “very undemocratic.”

“We are not doing this for our own personal reasons as we are both fully vaccinated, but the Victorian human rights to voluntarily choose medical treatment must be protected by us. I believe there is a fundamental right, “Limbrick told reporters.

Vaccine obligation issues have sparked ongoing protests and anxieties in the capital, Melbourne. Demonstrations escalated for several days in the city after construction workers began protesting vaccination obligations in the building sector in late September.

Police and authorities have been criticized for their generous response, seeing suspicious tactics being deployed against protesters and those allegedly violating public health orders.

As a result, two members of the Victorian Police have recently resigned publicly for fear of human rights abuses by Victorian citizens under government-mandated health orders.

Daniel Y. Ten