Vaccine Obligations See Western Australia’s Major Threatening School Closures

The principal of a Catholic school in Western Australia (WA) is reportedly seeking legal advice on closing the school rather than enforcing the state’s vaccination obligations.

Last month, Premier of Western Australia Mark Magawan announced that 75% of the state’s workforce (equivalent to more than one million workers) would be required to be vaccinated. This includes teachers and other educational staff.

But according to Western AustralianAdam Zydeck, principal of Divine Mercy College in South Perth, allegedly offended staff after distributing the “Vaccination Literature”.

“Everyone was weeping,” the staff told West Australian. “The staff has left the meeting.”

Staff have accused Zydek of having previously taken an opposition to vaccination, and the technology used to develop the vaccine uses aborted foets, with more people than the COVID-19 infection itself being vaccinated. Claimed to have experienced illness or death. ..

According to the article published in Nebraska medicineDuring the research and testing phase of the development of the mRNA vaccine, and the production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, we used laboratory-grown fetal cell lines that originally came from a miscarried fetus.

Fetal cell lines are not included in the mRNA vaccine itself.

Zydek, who has led the school since its establishment in 1996, said they are in the process of making a decision, but the results will take into account the best interests of 400 students and 50 staff. ..

The alleged case infuriated representatives of some government, union, and school guardians.

Western Australia’s Minister of Education, Suerary, said Zydec “frightened” staff who are currently facing the possibility of losing their jobs and students who can see the time to leave school.

“If you were a parent with a child at the school, you would be wondering if you need to move your child to another location,” Ellery reported. 7 news..

Epoch Times Photo
At a press conference in Perth, Australia on May 1, 2020, Western Australia Minister of Education and Training Suerary speaks to the media. (AAP image / Richard Wayne Light)

Rebecca Coropy, secretary of the WA branch of the Independent Education Union, called for Zydeck to be removed from the principal.

“He causes a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for those who don’t need it,” Coropy said. 6PR.. “They don’t need it all the time, but the fourth semester of school is a really busy time, they’re about to finish the year, and they just don’t need this uncertainty or this stress. . “

Parents of school children said they were “angry” and “confused” about where their children would go if the school was closed.

The decision to close the school is made by its governing body, the Western Australian Independent Schools Association (AISWA).

“We know there are rumors that the school may be closed,” AISWA Executive Director Valerie Gould told Western Australians.

“We don’t want the school to be nearby. We are very pleased to support the school and the school community will continue to serve all students in the future.”

Daniel Kumerev


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