Vaccine Passport “Infeasible, Expensive, Illiberal”: British Liberal Democratic Party

Britain’s opposition Liberal Democratic Party stands in opposition “clear and principled” because the COVID-19 vaccine passport is “infeasible, expensive and illegal,” party leaders said Saturday. rice field.

The UK conservative government has discontinued plans to adopt vaccine passports for UK nightclubs and crowded events, but local governments in Scotland and Wales have announced they will proceed with this plan.

Sir Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, which has 12 members of parliament in the House of Commons, emphasized the party’s consistent stance on what he called the “COVID ID card.”

“The Liberal Democratic Party has always been clear. COVID ID cards are non-functional, expensive and illegal,” he told a virtual meeting between the Scottish and Welsh chapters of the party.

Mr Davie said the LDP has adopted a “principle response” to plans across Britain. Because they are “not a real solution”, but “an unreasonable extra burden on local businesses that have already experienced a lot.”

The UK conservative government, responsible for UK health policy, planned to require a vaccine passport for night clubs and crowded events, but under pressure from industry leaders and its own backbench MPs. The plan was withdrawn on September 12th.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the plan was kept “reserve” and could be re-adopted if the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus situation worsens.

Scotland, which is under the control of the Scottish National Party (SNP), has begun to pursue its own vaccine passport scheme, requiring people attending large-scale events and night clubs to submit proof of vaccination from October 1. I did.

However, as opposition leaders called the “chaotic scene” a “predictable disaster” caused by the SNP government itself, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon talked about the issue of the vaccine certification scheme app on October 5. I had to apologize.

Wales, which is in power by the Labor Party, is scheduled to launch on October 11, and has introduced a similar plan.

At a video conference on Saturday, Davie contrasted his party’s approach with that of other parties, while the Conservatives “promoted” vaccine passport plans in England and opposed them in Scotland and Wales. He said he was doing it.

He also blamed the Labor Party for its inconsistent position: “I don’t know where the party stands in England, but I opposed it in Scotland, brought it to Wales, and even needed a COVID ID card for the party convention in Brighton. .. “

Mr Davie said the Scottish Green Party “looked against” the vaccine passport, but “voted” after reaching a cooperation agreement with the SNP and joining the Scottish government.

“Only we, the Liberal Democratic Party, have clear principles throughout Britain and have a clear and principled position to unite our party across England, Scotland and Wales,” he told the conference. Told.

PA contributed to this report.

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