Vaccine passport protests in Europe attract thousands of people

Helsinki — Thousands of people gathered in the European capital on Saturday protested vaccine passports and other government-imposed requirements in hopes of ending the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demonstrations took place in Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm.

Demonstrators during a rally in Paris, France
Demonstrators opposed to COVID-19 measures at a rally held in Paris, France on January 22, 2022. (Rafael Yaghobzadeh / AP photo)

In Sweden, where a vaccine certificate is required to attend more than 50 indoor events, about 3,000 demonstrators marched through central Stockholm and gathered in the main square for protests hosted by Frihetsrorelsen or Freedom Movement. rice field.

A similar demonstration was held by about 1,000 participants in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city.

Just before Christmas, the Finnish government approved local governments to introduce “widespread and complete measures” to address the increase in viral cases, including the Omicron variant.

Restrictions included limiting or banning events, moving college classes online, limiting restaurant services, and closing places where people were at high risk of exposure. Vaccine passports are required at restaurants and events.

Police said about 4,000 people marched on Saturday to protest the streets in central Helsinki. A group called the Worldwide Demonstrations organized the demonstrations. No anxiety or violence has been reported to the police.

Associated Press