Valentine’s Day really sucked in for the Trump Organization

Mandelungan via Getty / AFP

Mandelungan via Getty / AFP

The Trump Organization was pulled back on Monday at the 2017 inauguration of former President Donald Trump in a proceedings in the District of Columbia trying to take responsibility for its role in wasting more than $ 1 million.

This development was carried out by the company’s accounting firm against the former president’s corporate empire on Valentine’s Day. Condemns Trump for creating misleading financial statements..

The Trump Organization is currently fighting a full-scale multifaceted operation with Manhattan prosecutors. Tax evasion investigationNew York Bank fraud investigationAnd DC alleged proceedings Corrupted concessions With non-profit money.

What Causes a Sudden Shift in DC? A new judge who spotted the confounding error of the previous judge.

The Trump organization has hardened the hotel. His children may pay a price.

In November, Judge Jose M. Lopez of the DC Superior Court appeared to have ruined the investigation of the local Attorney General when he decided that the case could proceed, but excluded the Trump organization from the proceedings. did. His strange reason is that the company wasn’t actually negligent because Donald Trump Jr.’s financier friend Gentry Beach traded on behalf of the Trump Organization without the company’s permission. did. In fact, Don Jr., Ivanka, and other staff at the company’s New York office were doing a lot of paperwork.

In that extraordinary decision, Lopez ignored DC Prosecutor Karl Racine’s request to reach the bottom of Gentry’s role by imposing a sworn testimony on him, and instead put the Trump Organization on board an escape ship. rice field.

As The Daily Beast As reported last month, the close involvement of Trump’s children and the appointment of a new judge on the case provided a faint light of hope to reverse it.

Indeed, on Monday Judge Yvonne Williams Arbitrage It focused on the former judge’s Catch 22.

“The court … Mr. Beach … the court [withheld] We have ruled on the district’s request to carry out the discovery itself, “Williams wrote.

The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“Our proceedings are completely intact and moving forward with all our might. We have sued the Inaugural Committee for misusing funds to enrich the Trump family. Now we are in trial. I’ll call you “Racine I wrote on Twitter Immediately after the judgment.

Racine aims to get Trump Hotel DC to repay nearly $ 1 million in what the local government investigators explain. Concessions of the next president’s adult children— Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric Trump — Personally benefit from spending money to celebrate the transition of power. His idea is to set up a trust fund that will be diverted to another nonprofit organization that is actually engaged in charitable community activities.

At the heart of the alleged plan is an episode in which the Trump organization booked a block of rooms at the Loews Madison Hotel. Harden the hotel When the expected 12 or more guests did not appear. The company managed to fend off a debt collection agency and sent a $ 49,358 invoice to PIC, a non-profit presidential inauguration committee.

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