Valkyrie Drone fires a smaller drone from inside the payload bay

Washington- Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie The US Air Force announced on Monday that the drone had successfully launched a smaller unmanned aerial vehicle from inside the bomb yard on March 26.

During Valkyrie’s sixth flight test at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, he opened the payload bay door for the first time during the flight and released the ALTIUS-600. Small tube launch autonomous drone Manufactured by Area-I, a Georgia-based company that designs unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

Valkyrie is a “charming” drone. It’s a term used by the military for reusable assets, but it’s cheap enough for commanders to spend comfortably in combat, expecting some loss.

The Air Force is experimenting with using Valkyrie as follows: F-35 and F-22 communication nodes Fighter and evaluate it as a possibility Skyborg system It is equipped with artificial intelligence and can fly autonomously with tactical aircraft.

The ALTIUS-600 can be used in a variety of missions, including electronic warfare, signal intelligence, counter UAS, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and can be equipped to produce kinetic effects. According to Area-I, it weighs up to 27 lbs (including a 6 lb payload stored in the nose) and is durable for about 4 hours.

The lab said in the release that both Kratos and Area-I worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop the software and produce a carriage that would allow Valkyrie to release the ALTIUS-600.

According to the lab, once the launch of the ALTIUS system was completed, Valkyrie completed additional tests to expand the flight envelope of the aircraft.

“In addition to this, first [small UAS] In the separate demonstration, the XQ-58A flew higher and faster than previous flights, “said Alyson Turri, program manager for the demonstration’s Air Force.

Steve Fendley, president of the Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, said the successful ALTIUS release added admiration to the 30-month development of the Valkyrie system by the Kratos and AFRL teams, resulting in a proof-of-concept prototype system. Ability, not just a proof-of-concept flight demonstrator. “

The Army is also experimenting with the ALTIUS platform as part of a demonstration of the air-launch effect. Last year’s project convergence demo, I saw UAS deployed from MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone.

last week, Anduril Technologies Announced plans to acquire Area-I and operate it as a wholly owned subsidiary to maintain the Area-I brand.