Valve renamed Steam Game Festival to Steam New Product Festival

Steam Next Fest


Steam Game Festival (Steam Game Festival) ushered in a new name, and the date of this year’s event will be determined accordingly.Earlier Valve officially announced that it would rename the Steam Game Festival Steam New Product Festival(Steam Next Fest), and the holding time of the first new product festival has been determined for our side from 1 am on June 17th to 1 am on the 23rd. In other words, it will have a certain overlap with this year’s E3 online event in terms of dates. The latter’s current plan is to carry out a three-day event starting from June 15th.

According to Valve, the renaming is to “more directly convey its core.” At that time, they will let players explore and play trial versions of “hundreds of” games and watch developer live broadcasts, and provide players and teams with opportunities to discuss games under development.