Vancouver police cleared to shoot non-lethal bullets in Freedom Convoy protesters: Watchdog

Ontario police guard dogs said two Vancouver police officers did not commit a criminal offense earlier this year when they shot a less lethal round at a protester in Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has not reported any serious injuries after two protesters (a 36-year-old man and a 41-year-old man) were shot by Vancouver Police (VPD) police during surgery to push the protesters. Said that. February 19, 2022, south of Bank Street in downtown Ottawa.

VPD police officers were in Ottawa to help crack down on the Freedom Convoy protests.

“There is no reasonable reason to believe that the two Vancouver police officers committed a criminal offense,” SIU director Joseph Martino said when firing at two protesters. statement Released on June 20th.

“Director Martino concluded that there was no reasonable reason to believe that neither subject had illegally used less lethal firearms. Therefore, in this case, there was no reason to proceed with the criminal accusation. “I did,” he added, adding that the file is currently closed.

according to SIU full report, VPD police officers shot rubber bullets and pepper spray projectiles at protesters who were shining bright light on police fronts. One of the rounds hit the man on his face. The protesters hid behind the barrier, but soon returned and continued to shed light on the police. Police then fired two less lethal weapons and beat the protesters in the area of ​​the left shoulder.

According to the report, another Vancouver police officer shot either a rubber bullet or a bean bag to prevent protesters from moving towards the police officer. The policeman fired his weapon, attacked one protester on the leg, and fired again at another protester.

Freedom Convoy protests by truck drivers began as a demonstration against the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations, with full vaccination of all cross-border truck drivers or 14 days of quarantine upon return. Must be faced with. After a large truck convoy arrived in Ottawa on January 29, protests rapidly evolved into a national movement, with supporters from all over the country calling for the removal of all pandemic obligations and restrictions.

In response to weeks of protests, the free government enforced an emergency law on February 14, forcing towing companies to remove trucks and vehicles parked in downtown Ottawa, adding to police. Granted the authority of.

Police were seen wielding batons and tear gas during an operation to eliminate protesters. Mounted police also prosecuted the protesters, and at one point trampled on two people, including a woman with a disability.

Martino said in a SIU report that he was pleased with the involvement of officers with protesters and that it was “a rational and legal exercise of police power in the common law to maintain public order and morals and security.” rice field.

Noé Charter, Omid Ghoreishi, The Canadian Press contributed to this article

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.