Venice Beach Violence Reachs Boiling Point in Los Angeles With New Viral Video

Record video footage at any time violent Famous incident Venice beach Neighborhood Los Angeles – Involve the homeless who built the tent there – Uploaded online.

A video posted online on Friday seems to show that a homeless man is being attacked by unidentified men and women while sitting on the ground near the promenade.

Concerns from neighbors, business owners and law enforcement agencies have increased in the coming months since tent camps on the beach expanded and quality of life issues continued to plague the area.

Last week, a homeless man Found dead Another homeless man was arrested in connection with the murder in a tent along the beach boardwalk known as the Ocean Front Walk.

Los Angeles mother arrested after discovering three young children dead in the house

The Los Angeles Police Department told Fox News that it was unaware of the incident.

In another video, a man is seen detained by a swarm of police officers on the beach before being put on a stretcher. The user who posted the footage said it occurred after a random attack near the promenade. LAPD did not respond to Fox News inquiries regarding the incident.

In a video posted on YouTube by TonyVeraNewsThe man interviewed claimed that the attacker broke a fishing rod and hit his stomach.

“This guy had an episode of mental health. He basically assaulted me and beat me on the beach,” he said. “It was more upset than serious until he broke my fishing rod, and I was like,’Well, now he has a weapon.'”

Authorities did not have readily available figures on Friday, but as of the end of May, Venice had a 132% increase in assaults of alleged homelessness this year and 126% of victims being homeless. Has increased.

Robbery victims of the homeless increased by 1,100%, and robbery cases of suspected homeless people increased by 160%. Overall, felony arrests in Venice increased by 81%, according to figures provided by LAPD to Fox News.

Since the expansion of the beach camp in Venice, authorities have filed reports of shootings, arson, assaults and harassment. Some residents have previously told Fox News that they refrained from going to the beach after a certain time or altogether.

In response, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Alex Villanueva sent an agent to his department’s homeless outreach service team to address the homelessness issue in Venice.Last month he became a county leader State of emergency In response to the.

Los Angeles-Regional traffic is no longer the worst in the country, the report says

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti argued that he wanted to avoid confrontation with sheriffs over the homelessness issue.

“I’m not going to play a match with the sheriff. I welcome him here.” Garsetti said Tuesday in Venice. “If he doesn’t want to have a press conference but wants results, yesterday he accommodated more people than during the week, and can he ask the same where he was? Is not about throwing stones. “”

Two weeks before the sheriff’s request, a Venetian business owner was brutally attacked by a homeless person after being told that his home guards couldn’t drink alcohol on the premises and bottled in the parking lot. He said he was stabbed.

“In Venice today, we are completely independent,” Bob Carlson said at a press conference on June 21st. “I don’t know how much police I need until I’m gone. Until they’re prevented from doing my job. Thank God for the sheriffs’ willingness to intervene.”

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Later that day, the Los Angeles City Council voted to draft new rules to prevent homeless people from camping in certain public areas. As of Thursday, 74 people had moved to their homes as part of an initiative to clear the camp in Venice, Los Angeles city council member Mike Bonin tweeted.

Fox News has contacted Bonin’s office about the initiative, but has not responded.

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