Venus and Serena Williams’ half-parents say “King Richard” tells only “half of the story”


Venus and Serena Williams and their father Richard Williams.

Venus and Serena Williams and their father Richard Williams.Photo by Paul Harris / Getty Images

  • Sabrina Williams, the half-sister of Serena and Venus Williams, accused the biography in an interview with the Sun.

  • Sabrina claims that Richard Williams abandoned his family at the age of eight.

  • She also said that Will Smith should be “ashamed” of appearing in the movie.

Sabrina Williams, a half-sister of Serena and Venus Williams, talked about her father Richard Williams in a recent interview. Sun..

Sabrina, 57, accused her biography of her estranged father, “King Richard,” and accused Reinaldo Marcus Green of excluding Richard’s first family. Richard is portrayed by Will Smith in the film, Released on November 19th.

“You’re laughing, right?” She told Niamh Cavanagh of the Sun. “How can I make a movie by telling half the story?”

“It suddenly starts with Dad and his new wife Orasen and their children. It seems that nothing happened before,” she continued.

“I think the title is completely above,” Sabrina said. “He thinks he’s the king of the world, but no one around him thinks he’s King Richard. It’s a ridiculous title, but it’s actually perfect for him.”

In the early 1960s, Richard (79) and Sabrina’s late mother Betty Johnson married in Los Angeles, Sabrina, Richard III (56), Ronner (55), Lerce (54), and Leneca (49). ) Have five children.

Sabrina told Sun that she was eight years old and her sister was eight weeks old when Williams claimed to be leaving home to buy a bike. She said he never returned and lived a new life with her second wife, Olasen Williams, Venus, and Serena’s mother. Sabrina claims that she has met her father only a few times since then.

“Honestly, those girls went up to the top while the other kids were suffering because of the choice my dad chose. After he left, we grew up in poverty.” She told the outlet.

“He is not the king of the world,” Sabrina continued. “Psychologically looking at him, it’s never been achieved except in his head. He lives only through his two daughters who have abandoned all the other children.”

Sabrina told Sun, “I’m pondering Smith, but as a black American, he would have wanted to tell the whole story.”

Sabrina also said she was no longer angry with her father and participated in counseling to deal with her unresolved feelings towards her father.

She believes she will never meet her half-sisters, but said she wants to meet her niece, Serena’s four-year-old daughter Olympia.

The representatives of Venus and Serena did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

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