“Very serious” risk of Russia invading Ukraine: British Minister

Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said there was a “very significant” risk that Russia would carry out an invasion of Ukraine.

Western allies have revealed that Russia will have “very serious economic consequences” as Russian troops cross the border into Ukraine, Rab told the BBC’s “Sunday morning” program. rice field.

“We want you to understand the seriousness of what is happening to allies of NATO as a whole,” he said.

Mr Raab said Britain wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to “get out of the crisis” but believes that the invasion is “a very significant risk”. rice field.

He added: Ukrainians not only put up with it, but also have the financial costs of sanctions. This is, of course, more effective when the international community speaks as one, or at least with broad consensus. “

Raab’s warning came when Britain accused Putin of planning to establish a pro-Moscow leader as head of government of Ukraine.

In a rare step, the British Foreign Ministry on January 22 nominated former Ukrainian MP Yevhen Murayev as a potential Kremlin candidate to take over in Kiev.

In a statement, Foreign Minister Liz Truss said the Russian conspiracy showed the length that the Kremlin was prepared to “destroy Ukraine.”

“Russia must reduce escalations, end attacks and disinformation campaigns, and pursue a diplomatic path,” she said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused Britain of disinformation and urged the British Foreign Ministry to “stop these provocative activities” and “stop spreading nonsense.”

Ukrainian British ambassador Vadim Pristeco told Times Radio on Sunday that Russia’s aggression was “very likely” but “there is still room for diplomatic resolution.”

He said Ukraine was “ready to fight” but said Ukraine was not well equipped for long-term combat.

Britain’s main opposition Labor Party said it was “fully unified” with the government on its efforts to invade Russia in Ukraine.

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry told Sky News: Unified against this threat. “

Thornbury also urged the government to take advantage of “new generation sanctions,” including investigating the “unexplained wealth” of Putin’s allies in Britain.

PA Media contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan