“Very Small” Gap Related to Racism: UK Commission

An independent review found that British society is not against ethnic minorities and that there is little racial disparity caused by racism.

TheĀ· Review It was announced on Wednesday by an independent committee on racial and ethnic disparities. set up By Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July 2020 to investigate British inequality in response to a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest over the death of George Floyd.

17th-century merchant Edward Colston falls into the water during a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol, England
The statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century merchant, was pushed into the water during the Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol, England, on June 7, 2020. (Keel Gravil via Reuters)

“Simply put, we can no longer see Britain with systems intentionally equipped for ethnic minorities.” Dr. Tony Seawell, A veteran education consultant chairing the committee, of the report preface..

“There are disabilities and disparities, they are diverse, and ironically, very few are directly related to racism.”

Instead, “evidence shows that geography, family influence, socio-economic background, culture, and religion have a greater impact on life opportunities than on the existence of racism,” he said. ..

The report identifies that family collapse is “one of the main reasons” for bad consequences such as education failure and crime, and points out that “family is also the cornerstone of the success of many ethnic minorities.” I will.

The Commission said British society was “open to all communities” but “some ethnic minorities were able to” participate “more than others.”

Sewell noted the differences in educational performance between different black communities.

He said some of the new African communities are one of the new top performers in the UK education system. “Since their Caribbean companions are sitting in the same classroom, it is difficult to blame racism in education because of the failure to achieve the latter.”

The report criticized “increasingly severe anti-racist thinking trying to explain the disadvantages of all minorities through the prism of white discrimination” and “caution for other reasons for minority successes and failures.” Distract. The culture and attitude of those minority communities themselves. “

The Commission freely uses the term “institutional racism” as “a general catch-all phrase for any microaggression” because “misuse of the term racism diminishes its credibility.” Said that it should not be done.

The report also dismissed the concept of “white privileges.” This means that “white attitudes and behaviors are the main cause of the disadvantages experienced by ethnic minorities.”

The Commission said it would reject such an approach because it was not supported by evidence and was “reverse and disruptive.”

The authors of the report also rejected the curriculum’s call for “decolonization” and instead insisted on a new educational program entitled “Making Modern Britain.”

“Neither the ban on white writers nor the token expression of black achievements helps to open up young minds. We oppose defeating statues and instead regain their British heritage to all children. I hope that. “

Johnson described this report as “Important workThe government needs to consider the recommendations in detail.

However, the report was criticized by major opposition Labor parties and left-wing groups.

Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer said he felt “disappointed” with the report’s “unwillingness to accept” and had “structural” issues that needed to be addressed.

Racial equality think tank Runnymede Trust called the report “plaster”.

Reuters contributed to this report.