‘very sorry. I needed that.”

Miami Gardens — Tua Tagovailoa With his shoulders and helmet down, he rammed into the human wall of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense.


For most quarterbacks, it’s not recommended. But we’ll go ahead and brush it off as a player looking to gain extra yardage for his team.

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For Tua, the most scrutinized player in the game for head injuries and the one who was solely responsible for the league tightening its concussion protocol, it first makes you cringe, then makes you wonder why. increase.

Here’s why:

Miami Dolphins manager Mike McDaniel said Sunday after the Dolphins beat the Steelers 16-10.

“I was like, ‘Okay. “

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will leave the field after defeating the Steelers at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday night.

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will leave the field after defeating the Steelers at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday night.

But that doesn’t mean McDaniel flinched just a little bit and paid close attention to the quarterback when he got up.

“He’s a competitor and has elements of his game of trying to score first for the team,” McDaniel said. “I’m not totally going to encourage it. I’m probably going to advise him to slide every time.

“When the push comes and the guy has the ball in his hands, I try, but it’s going to be hard to get him to reject it outright.”

Tua said: “I wasn’t trying to be a superman or a superhero. I was just looking at the situation… I can see the first down. For me, they was a close call, and hopefully we can move forward with this.”

All is well again for the Dolphins. Miami snapped his third straight loss with this win, with Tagovailoa starting what he finished.

Tagovailoa did something no Dolphins quarterback has done since Week 2 of the season. He was out for the entire game.

“He’s laughing,” said safety Jevon Holland. “It was great to see him doing his thing.”

Tagovailoa missed last two games due to concussion protocol

Tagovailoa returned after missing more than two and a half games due to a concussion and the series against Buffalo after being hit hard late in the first half.

Considering the lost time, the 111-yard throw and touchdown in the first quarter was impressive. Not much happened after that.

But first good.

Tagovailoa got off to a good start by scoring the Dolphins in the first three series to lead 13-0.

“Not playing two games has affected my performance. I’ve never actually seen a full-blown rep when they were trying to hit me,” Tagovailoa said. “There are some things you have to watch when you play the game. Watch practice.”

In-game time isn’t the only time lost since Tua was taken to the hospital after suffering a concussion in the first half of the September 29 loss to Cincinnati, so it wasn’t lost at McDaniels.

Tagovailoa’s last full-speed practice until last week was September 22, as the injury occurred in Thursday night’s game and prevented the team from running at full speed in a short week. It took a full month.

“That’s a credit to him,” said McDaniel. “If he hadn’t fully prepared and put himself in a position to play quarterback while on the go, he wouldn’t have had the success he did.”

Steelers drop 4 passes for Tua

However, its early success was not sustained. Tua had 21 of 35 yards and he had 261 yards. He didn’t throw an interception, but that was because the Steelers treated the ball as if it had been dipped in sunscreen lotion.

Pittsburgh dropped four passes that could have been easily intercepted.

“Ball placement, miscommunication,” Tua said. “It’s our misconception about it. We just couldn’t find the rhythm.”

McDaniel thought Tagovailoa was frustrating.The Dolphins scored a touchdown and two field goals before the Steelers scored the first down. And that touchdown in the opening series was Miami’s last in the game, as the only person who could manage his final three quarters was Jason Sanders’ third-fielder with his goal alone. did.

Luckily for Miami, the Steelers’ 7 possessions in the second half ended with 5 punts and 2 interceptions.

“It kind of frustrated him, especially in the second half,” McDaniel said. “But he did everything he had to do to win the game.

“And that’s all.”

This article originally appeared in the Palm Beach Post. Tua Tagovailoa doesn’t hesitate to make contact, leading Dolphins to Steelers