“Very unlikely” Chauvin trial ends with “total” acquittal, legal analysts predict

ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams acquitted the trial “all out” on Sunday as Minneapolis and other nations upheld the looming verdict in the murder trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin.

The closing debate still has to take place, and Abrams said it has the advantage of not having to prove that Chauvin did not kneel on his neck and kill George Floyd when he was arrested last May (). The burden of proof is that the prosecution and the defense’s goal is to show that there is reasonable suspicion), but if Chauvin is found to be innocent of any of the three crimes, he and the court will be scrutinized. Others who followed him were “surprised,” he said. Degree of murder, and two manslaughter — he is facing.

ABC’s Martha Raddatz also asked Ben Crump, a civil rights lawyer representing Floyd’s family, about the consequences. Crump made no predictions, saying that Chauvin was only hoping that Chauvin would be “criminally liable.”

If that doesn’t result, Crump said it would be another case of “the American legal system broke our hearts.”

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