Vestas data “breached” by cyber attacks


Copenhagen — Wind turbine maker Vestas said on Monday that a cyberattack reported over the weekend affected parts of its internal IT infrastructure and data was “at risk.”

The incident occurs when Vestas is juggling with record demand for green electricity against high raw material costs that are squeezing supply constraints and margins, although the financial implications are not yet clear. ..

Equities in the world’s largest manufacturer of wind turbines fell 25% already this year before the cyberattack, but fell about 3% in early Monday trading.

In addition to concerns about the nature of data breaches, Citi analysts said the short-term market focus will also be on production delays and related costs, including the cost of resolving the issue.

A cybersecurity incident on November 19 forced Vestas to shut down IT systems that span multiple business units and locations to contain the problem, but the Danish company said it was able to continue operations. ..

Preliminary findings from the investigation into this matter also show that the customer was not affected by the incident.

“There are no signs that the incident has affected the operations of third parties, including the operations of customers and supply chains,” the statement said Monday, adding that it has begun a gradual resumption of all IT systems. ..

Vestas is already under pressure from supply chain issues, but manufacturing, construction and service teams say they were able to continue operations despite cyberattacks.

This month, the company lowered its 2021 outlook twice this year, recording lower-than-expected quarterly profits, and its share price fell by 14%.

By Stine Jacobsen