Veterans Affairs minister stands firm on record in the face of outrage, calls for resignation

Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence Macaulay will stand up during a questioning session in Ottawa on December 14, 2021. (Canadian Press/Fred Chartrand)

veteran Foreign Secretary Lawrence Macaulay stands firm in the face of dissatisfaction with the Liberal government’s treatment of the sick and wounded veteran And even calls for him to resign.

MacAulay said in an interview with The Canadian Press that Ottawa has made progress in providing better and faster support in many areas. veteran.

This includes hiring hundreds of temporary staff and awarding new $570 million contracts with external organizations to provide rehabilitation services. veteran.

But the deal provoked outrage from the unions it represented veteran A Canadian Ministry of Internal Affairs employee who recently asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fire Macaulay.

many veteran Their supporters are also frustrated by the government’s ongoing delays, backlogs, and staff shortages in the department.

Macaulay said he had no plans to resign and said the government would continue to make sure it worked. veteran Get the support and benefits you need.

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