Veterans fired for vaccination status embarked on winter trekking across Canada

Vancouver — Warrant Officer James Top, who departed from Terry Fox Plaza in downtown Vancouver and aimed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa, opposed the government on February 20 and traveled 4,300 kilometers across Canada on foot. I started. COVID-19 is obliged to include mandatory vaccination requirements.

And he knows directly. After 28 years in the Canadian Army, Topp is about to be released from the reserve due to COVID vaccination status.

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James Top is preparing to embark on a 4,300-kilometer walk across Canada to oppose the COVID-19 order in Vancouver on February 20, 2022. (Jeff Sandes / The Epoch Times)

His movement is titled Canada Marches and has a hashtag. #MarchForFreedom, Topp and his team started trekking early in Vancouver’s frigid morning. It was destined only because of the colder weather as they crossed the prairie and a lot of uncertainty.

The idea of ​​walking in Canada was recently brought to Topp. He said he felt he had to do something to serve and stand up for his loved ones and the country.

“I’m not here for profit and I don’t want to be a celebrity, but I have to do something,” Topp bravely confronted the cold to see him off in his march. He told about 100 supporters.

“We need to fix something because we’ve been hit hard by what happened, not just in the last few years, but it’s a kind of continuity.”

On his website, Topp extends his view by stating: We do this to ensure that the government upholds the law that upholds the Canadian Rights and Freedom Charter. “

So far, only the first few days of the march are planned, but Topp and his crew have taken into account safety, current and future closures, and extreme weather events from Hope, British Columbia to Arta. We are seeking help in creating a route to Lethbridge. conditions.

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James Top (front right) and supporters will take a group photo in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. This is the first stop on February 20, 2022, to travel 4,300 kilometers on foot to oppose COVID-19’s obligations across Canada. (Courtesy: James Top)

For Dan Jones, the logistics and details of the march are secondary. He will join Topp and partner with him all the way to Ottawa. I don’t know if his body is capable while his mind is capable.

“I feel like I have to do it. I can’t stop and do anything,” Jones told The Epoch Times.

“Not everyone can actually walk to Ottawa and hear the voice, so I’m standing up for everyone who can’t. I know if I’m ready for this march to Ottawa. No, but I’ll go anyway. “

Wearing a highly visible jacket and waving the big Canadian flag, Artur Rewers came to Terry Fox Plaza and waved Topp’s hand to express his gratitude. Rewers, who emigrated from Poland about 40 years ago when Poland was still communist, said he was grateful for Topp’s belief in keeping Canada free.

“His journey is very impressive and I support all his values,” Rewers said in an interview. “In Poland, we say’God, honor, and country’and live by the books. You can’t hesitate …. When you wake up every day, you [need to be able to] Look in the mirror. “

Monique Van Depras came to Terry Fox Plaza early on. She said she was having a hard time seeing Canadians suffering from unemployment, bullying, and escape because of their decision on vaccination. But she says she feels hope because people like Topp are against government obligations.

“I was very disappointed to think that no one supported this for a while, but in the last few moments the patriots will come,” Vandeplus told The Epoch Times, the truck driver started. Mentioned the Freedom Convoy movement. “I’ve always been proud to be Canadian, but in the last few years I’ve seen everyone go down in number just by trampling on the rights of the Charter. Now people are in favor of it and I’m very proud of it. “

Van de Plas led the song “O Canada” as a homage to Topp, his march, and the motives behind it.

Team members of the march will drive the 1976 Vanguard Camper with the top and with everyone else who participates in the block, kilometers, or trekking to Ottawa. It carries supplies, acts as an emergency center, and provides rest if weather conditions temporarily impede the team’s walking. The plan is to cover 40 kilometers a day.

The top said he was the only one to start the Canadian march and he did not represent the army. He has also not raised funds for the Canadian march and is not accepting donations. Instead, he encourages people to treat others kindly and help the underprivileged.For those who want to donate, he approved a charity Injured warrior Canada.

“It starts with a bit of instability, but we’re gaining momentum as we progress,” Topp told his supporters on February 20th.

“We will start the march here, our footsteps will continue in front of us, and they will hear our feet east.”

Jeff Sandes


Jeff Sandes is a freelance contributor to The Epoch Times based in the Vancouver area.

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