Vice President Mike Pence has begged the Deputy Secretary of Defense to “clean up the Capitol” after a Trump-backed riot struck the building, the report said.

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President Donald Trump is listening to Vice President Mike Pence speaking at the February 2020 Coronavirus Briefing. Alex Won / Getty Images

  • The Associated Press obtained a Pentagon internal document on the Pentagon riots on January 6th.

  • According to the outlet, Vice President Mike Pence made an emergency call to the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

  • “Clean up the Capitol,” Pence said after the mob had been in the building for hours.

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Questions remain about the timeline of the case after a group of former President Donald Trump’s supporters broke the U.S. Capitol on January 6, forcing lawmakers to evacuate and killing multiple people. It was.

Some of those details appear in Pentagon internal documents obtained by. Associated Press..

Vice President Mike Pence, who was in the building when the Capitol riots began, made an emergency call in the turmoil.

“Clearing the Capitol,” Pence told Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, the Associated Press reported. Pence was in a “safe place” when he called, but the Capitol had already been rioted for two hours.

The Associated Press has put together a timeline of siege based on documents and previously known details.

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According to the outlet, the timeline “revealed the inaction of then-President Donald Trump” and “failed intelligence and tactical errors due to the government’s failure to understand the magnitude and intensity of the violent uprising. , Showing that the bureaucratic delay has been overturned. ”My citizens. “

Pence oversaw the Electoral College’s vote count and was in the Capitol on January 6 to prove President Joe Byden’s victory. Mr. Trump advised his supporters to come to Washington, DC and “stop stealing.” This is a reference to an unfounded allegation of widespread fraudulent voting.

Prior to the siege, Trump spoke to a crowd of his supporters and told them to march to the Capitol. He also accused Pence of not interfering with the number of electors, despite the fact that the role of Vice President was largely ceremonial.

Part of the riot Captured in a video chanting “Hang Mike Pence”.

“Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what we had to do to protect our country and the Constitution,” Trump tweeted when his supporters approached the Senate. A few minutes after Pence evacuated around 2:13 pm

An hour later, Trump tweeted again, overrunning the building and urging his supporters of attacking police officers to “maintain peace.”

According to the Associated Press, a call from Pence urging Miller to clear the Capitol came at 4:08 pm.

At 4:17 pm, Mr. Trump first urged his supporters to resign, repeated false statements about the election, and tweeted his video saying, “Go home, go home with peace of mind.”

The Capitol was not declared safe until 8 pm. Law enforcement agencies have been badly criticized For responding to the event of the day.

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