Vic’s Chief Health Officer denies involvement in push to mandate boosters

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, denied being involved in promoting the Prime Minister to mandate a third vaccine at the January 31 Pandemic Declaration Accountability and Oversight Commission hearing. ..

The Commission, created as part of the controversial pandemic bill that passed parliament on December 2, allows the Chief Minister and the Minister of Health to declare a pandemic order with the advice of the Chief Health Officer. ..

and HearingSutton said he has not provided official advice to the government on plans to mandate a third vaccine.

“At this stage, we have not been asked to provide advice on broader vaccine obligations,” he said, arguing that his advice not to promote universal boosters has remained unchanged.

“If the Minister asks for advice on these potential measures, we are very pleased to be able to assess the epidemiological situation at that time and provide suggestions on how it would change, if any.” think.”

When asked if state Prime Minister Daniel Andrews had made a decision without his advice, Sutton said he did not believe that a decision had been made on booster mandates.

However, Andrews has repeatedly flagged him as wanting to change the definition of complete vaccination from two shots to three shots.

Andrews said he called for a redefinition of the term “complete vaccination” prior to the January 27 national ministerial meeting.

The prime minister said that “only three doses” could “properly protect people from serious illness” and prepare for “what’s next, whether or not the variant is on track.” Stated.

His claim did not echo the country’s cabinet, but Andrews reiterated his position. January 30 At a press conference.

“I think it’s only a matter of time before the relevant federal agencies confirm that this is a triple dose, not a double plus bonus,” Andrews said in a press conference on January 30.

“Boosters should actually be called a third dose. The term” booster “give people the impression that this is optional and extra. It’s not. All the evidence supports it, and it is only a matter of time before the decision to formalize it is made. “

Sutton said in his testimony that vaccination was the best response to the virus.

“It also reduces the symptomatic effect of the virus, which is why it is important to make it widely available,” he told the hearing.

When asked if the state was expecting a peak in hospitalization and ICU, Sutton said he expected the state to be at its current peak or already past its peak.

“I don’t think it’s likely to exceed 1500 hospitalizations. I think it’s probably already at its peak,” he said.

Sutton said the numbers may have ups and downs, but “will not increase significantly from their current position.”

More hearings will be held this year.

Sutton’s testimony is from State Health Minister Martin Foley (pdfWe also announced the installation of vaccination hubs in museums, aquariums and zoos for vulnerable Victorian children.

Victoria’s children’s pop-ups, also known as “K-pops,” will launch in the first nine locations in Melbourne, where each site can inoculate children up to 100 times each week, a state-owned fascinating forest. Part of-State-wide theme vaccination network.

Current February 1There were 11,311 new cases in the Victorian era, and 851 Victorian people were hospitalized. 1229 January 17th.

AAP contributed to this report.

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