Victims of Pena’s kidnapping, rape trial testify about waking up in his apartment


The alleged victim of Victor Pena’s kidnapping and rape trial said that Pena killed her during a horrifying sequence of events that took place after waking up in a Charlestown apartment following a night drink in Boston. He testified on Wednesday that he had threatened.

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Prosecutors say North Shore natives were taken from a street near Hennessy on a weekend night in January 2019, imprisoned in Pena’s apartment, and raped there for several days.

Pena is being tried in the Suffolk County Superior Court, charged with kidnapping and rape.

At the stand, the victim’s suspect told the court that he had just moved from Scotland to Jamaica Plain a few days before the incident. She attended a university in Edinburgh.

She told the court that she attended a 90s-themed party in Dorchester on a night suspected of being kidnapped and raped, where she drank wine and shot. She added that she remembered going to Hennessy with her friend and having fun, and her next memory was she woke up in a filthy apartment in Pena.

The victim’s suspect woke up naked in a bed without sheets in a messy room in Pena and tried to leave, but he testified that he had stopped her.

“I didn’t want to die, so I left it to him,” the victim’s suspect said in explaining the rape. She then said she offered to help Pena clean the apartment, she said: To let him go, I was trying to think of whatever I could do. “

Suspicion of Victim: “I got up and tried to get out.”

Prosecutor: “What happened when you started to get up?

Alleged Victim: “A man’s arm came and stopped me.”

Prosecutor: “Did you do or say something when he put your arm on you and stopped you from getting up?”

Victim Suspect: “I tried to say,’Oh, I have to leave, uh, I have to go.'” “

Prosecutor: “Did he do or say when you said it?”

Victim Suspect: “He didn’t let me leave, and after I was, I don’t have to threaten him to kill me.”

Prosecutor: “How specifically did he threaten you? What do you remember about what he said?

Victim Suspect: “I think he told you not to leave. Don’t get up, otherwise I’ll kill you.”

Prosecutor: “Did you do anything physically to try to stop him?

Victim Suspicion: “No”

Prosecutor: “Why?”

Victim suspect: “I didn’t want to die. He threatened to kill me several times.”

The victim’s suspect also believed that Pena had saved her from the possibility of suffering from frostbite, claiming that they intend to start a family together.

She also considered jumping out of the window, but told the court that she was afraid of being seriously injured or committing suicide.

She was asked later if she thought of fighting back.

Prosecutor: “Have you ever come up with any other way to get out of this situation?”

Victim Suspicion: “I thought of my choice. Can I hit him with something? Hit his head?”

Suspicion of Victim: “Can I hit him? Can you find a knife and stab me? But I thought there was only one shot, but this is a small apartment with a man bigger and stronger than me I was 100% confident without doing anything, and I wouldn’t be attacked later. “

The alleged victim talked about attacking Pena, perhaps with a statue of the large Empire State Building.

Prosecutor: “So, have you actually tried it?

Victim suspicion: “correct answer”.

The victim’s suspect told the court that while in the apartment, Pena had her drink alcohol and gave her canned fruit.

Before being rescued, Pena was nervous after hearing a helicopter and knocking a few days after the suspected kidnapping and ordered the victims to be quiet and dressed.

Victim Suspicion: “There was a helicopter. The sound of the helicopter was pretty average for the city, especially Charlestown is pretty close to downtown, so I didn’t really think about it.”

Prosecutor: “Did you hear any additional noise near the apartment?”

Victim Suspicion: “Yes, the door was knocked.”

Prosecutor: “Please explain about knocking. Short, long, soft, loud.”

Victim Suspicion: “Loud. Knock, like knock, probably pretty solid.”

Prosecutor: “How many times did it happen?

Suspicion of victim: “several times”.

Prosecutor: “Did you hear anyone say something related to knocking?”

Victim Suspicion: “I believe so.

Prosecutor: Do you remember anyone who had said the word “police”? “

Suspicion of Victim: “I don’t think so”

Prosecutor: “Did this guy react to helicopter and door knocks?”

Victim suspect: “Yes, I was a little nervous when I heard the helicopter. When knocking started, he was definitely anxious and kept telling me to be quiet.”

Prosecutor: “Did he do anything else as those sounds continued?”

Victim Suspect: “He got my clothes for me and told me to put on my clothes.”

The victim’s suspect testified that he had been caught by a Boston police officer and began to cry when he was taken out of his apartment.

Pena’s lawyer had only a few questions asking the alleged victim if Pena had revealed to her that she was depressed by the death of her parents. She admitted that he did reveal it.

He did not attend his own trial directly, as Pena did a lascivious act in front of the court zoom camera while the jury trial was previously held.

Pena’s lawyers want to implement diminished defenses.

Check out Bobward’s live tweets from the trial below:

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