Victims of the Oxford Circus Murder

The Metropolitan Police has nominated victims of a deadly knife attack in central London on Thursday.

60-year-old Stephen Dempsey was nominated as a victim of a puncture wound at Oxford Circus on Monday. And it left him with multiple puncture wounds.

Citizens, led by two young men with skateboards, subdued the suspect before police arrived, but Dempsey died in the hospital shortly thereafter.

The suspect, 25-year-old Teddy Fantahagos, was charged with murder and possession of offensive weapons on Friday.

He will be detained in the Magistrates’ Court in Westminster on July 3.

Dempsey’s mother Beryl Dempsey misses her son terribly.

“I was at a loss. I’m still very shocked and I keep expecting him to come back through the door. He took care of me, and I told him very much. I relied on it, “she said. statement..

“I relied on him for everything, but I miss him.”

Beryl Dempsey said he wanted the opportunity to “personally thank the two men who intervened” to save his son’s life.

“Your actions were heroic, and I am grateful for your courage and courage. Now I ask you to come forward and help the police with their inquiries,” she said. Told.

Oxford Street Skateboarder Knife Attack
CCTV footage showing two witnesses of a deadly knife attack that played an important role in detaining a murder suspect at the Oxford Circus in London on July 1, 2020. (Metropolitan police)

Police have previously appealed to two skateboarders to move forward. Inspector Morse Vicky Tanstall, who is leading the investigation, filed another complaint on Monday.

“By advancing as they did to arrest violent individuals, they showed great courage and potentially prevented others from being attacked,” Tanstall said.

“I continue to emphasize that the behavior of these men is perfectly rational and not an issue. They want to talk to them only as witnesses, and By moving forward, we can be confident that they will greatly assist our investigation, “he added.

Tunstall had previously asked witnesses and anyone with a cell phone or dashcam footage of the incident to come forward.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art said Thursday that the incident was treated as a random and provocative assault, not terrorist-related, and that police officers were not actively looking for anyone else.

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