Victoria Airport Shutdown Prompted by Inactive Grenades, Expected Prank Charges: RCMP

Police said the closure of Victoria International Airport on Tuesday was caused by a man traveling from Canada with an inert grenade in his luggage.

RCMP Cpl. Andres Sanchez describes the item as looking and feeling “real”, but lacks the internal parts needed to explode.

Airport guards called 911, holding the bag in the X-ray device until police arrived, and found that the same man’s second bag was also inside the device, but he said it had not been scanned yet. Says.

The first bag of the Inactive Grenade was “manual,” says Sanchez. That is, if it contained explosives, someone would have had to trigger the possibility of an explosion.

According to Sanchez, the second bag could not be safely scanned, police were concerned about potentially dangerous contents, and authorities were urged to completely close the airport for several hours.

He says he expects Mountains to plead guilty to the man who claimed responsibility for the bag.

According to Sanchez, a man in his 40s was arrested on Tuesday and released on court dates and conditions, including not going to the airport.

He has “some criminal records,” Sanchez says, but it has nothing to do with what police are investigating about the airport case.

He is not currently a Canadian soldier, “the level of his previous army has not yet been determined,” Sanchez adds.

Asked about allegations of mischief, he states that “reasonable people will know” that taking such items to the airport can cause problems.

“One way to see pranks is to stop the legitimate enjoyment and legitimate use of the airport business,” he says.

He didn’t say where the man intended to travel outside Canada.

According to Sanchez, the second bag was found to contain military-related items, but it wasn’t explosive and had no potential risk.

He added that police could not yet tell if the Inactive grenade contained explosives in the past, but it could not explode at the airport.

According to airport officials, the closure on Tuesday caused about 20 flights to be canceled, some delays, and an estimated 1,800 passengers affected.

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