Victoria and David Beckham roast each other’s singing skills in a funny video

It seems that Victoria Beckham is not the only one in her family to have singing skills.

Former Spice Girls members posted a video to Instagram On Friday, her husband David Beckham performed Nat King Cole’s holiday classic “Christmas Song.”

In the clip, it seems that a fashion designer is approaching her husband and roasting chestnuts in front of the fireplace.

“Fireplace-baked chestnuts / Jack Frost pinch his nose” A retired soccer superstar crooner wearing a Santa hat.

Then he looks back and notices that his wife is filming him.

Victoria Beckham, 47, laughs. He is actually trying. “

“You worked hard on that vocal,” she jokingly tells him.

David Beckham, 46, laughs and replies, “Oh, I’m sorry, Adele.”

Couples who have been married since 1999 usually share Interesting post Each other on social media. In September, the singer uploaded Cheeky photo Half of her husband is lying outside the pool and half is lying face down.

“Happy Sunday, you’re welcome!” She captioned the photo. She also confirmed that her fans knew she had the honor of taking a snap.

The pair may include children Brooklyn (22), Romeo (19), Cruz (16), Harper (10) on social media for each other’s easy roasting.

Romeo earlier this year Dyeing his hair into a bleached blonde My brother Cruz made his pink hair debut.

In response, David Beckham I shared a photo His bleached blonde next to his two sons shakes his face. “Sometimes boys need to remind them who did it first in the 90’s,” he joked in the caption. “Looking at their faces, they aren’t very happy about it. #DadDidItFirst.”

Victoria Beckham commented with a chime. “My dad did it first, but this time it looks even better !!!!”

For Christmas, Posh Spice Post Family photos together on holidays.

“Christmas kiss from Beckham!” She wrote and added a Christmas tree and a gift emoji.