Victoria, Australia continues to extend the pandemic declaration for another three months

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has extended the pandemic declaration for another three months. The decisions warned by opponents will lead to “slow recovery.”

Under the Pandemic Declaration introduced at the end of last year, the Victoria State Government can continue to impose pandemic rules such as mask and vaccine obligations and control the capacity of the venue.

This move occurs despite the overwhelming majority of Victorian people receiving double vaccination (94.6%) in 12 years and 68.4% receiving a third vaccination in 16 years.

The “significant setting” will be maintained during the winter, but “modest and wise changes” have been made to “ensure Victorian people to live safely on COVID-19”. statement on tuesday.

“In making the declaration, there remains a serious public health risk across Victoria due to coronavirus disease, which requires ongoing public health and other safeguards to reduce the risk of infection and hospitalization. I’m happy for a good reason, “he says. Added.

Declarations that were scheduled to expire by midnight on July 12 will continue until at least October 12.

Announcement attracts criticism

The announcement has already been criticized, with Dr. Nick Courtworth, a former pandemic chief medical officer in Australia, commenting that the legitimacy of expanding emergency authority has been shaken.

“The legitimacy of expanding emergency powers in any state or region is tremendously diminished. Why can’t our normal parliamentary government system meet current challenges? It’s important, “said Coatesworth.

Pandemic Declaration Preventing Recovery

Opposition leader Matthew Guy, meanwhile, criticized the decision on Tuesday, saying he had “no intention” to regain control of Victorian people’s lives.

“Extending these laws means a longer and slower path to recovery,” Guy said. Herald Sun.

“The threat of obligations, blockades and restrictions remains, which obscures our efforts to recover.”

Victoria was Australia’s first state to impose pandemic-specific legislation, which allows governments to create and enforce restrictions such as mask and vaccine obligations.

In December 2021, hundreds of thousands of Australians went out to the streets of Melbourne to protest the state government’s vaccination obligations, pandemic bills and blockades. These are considered one of the longest in the world.

Epoch Times Photo
Australians protest government-mandated health restrictions, increased power, and pandemic bills in Melbourne, Australia, November 6, 2021. (Provided)

The revised pandemic bill allows Andrews to declare a pandemic indefinitely and extend it for three months at a time. Police can also enter private land without a warrant to enforce a public health order and fine an individual who violates public health rules A $ 21,809.

In 2021, Victoria’s economy is estimated to have lost more than A $ 799 million (US $ 485 million) a week since the blockade began, bottoming out corporate and consumer confidence levels.

Andrews defends the government’s pandemic response as “a victory in what the government can do in cooperation with the community,” despite growing criticism from political opponents.

“Some people can’t find themselves saying” well done “or against radicalism,” he said last December.

Meanwhile, on June 27, after an independent court granted all members of parliament a 2.75% wage increase, Andrews maintained his position as Australia’s highest-paying state leader, A $ 465,000 (US $ 322,589) annually. ) Was announced to be in the pocket. inflation.

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