Victoria ends the vaccinated economy, removes Vax passports, and close contact quarantine rules

In Victoria, Australia, most of the COVID-19 rules have been abolished, including vaccination passports, QR code check-in, mask obligations, and close contact isolation.

Health Minister Martin Foley said from April 23 that patrons will no longer have to be vaccinated twice or show vaccination status before entering the venue, boosting the state’s vaccination economy. Announced to end.

It also eliminates the need to check in using the Service Victoria app and companies no longer need to keep a check-in attendance record.

Mask obligations have been removed in elementary school, early childhood, hospitality, retail store settings, and all events.

The mask rule remains in the hospital, but all other visitor restrictions have been removed. Health services are allowed to follow their own rules depending on the situation.

In addition, people still need to wear masks on public transport, airports, and sensitive health, geriatric care, and justice settings. It also continues to be “strongly recommended” in areas where physical distance is difficult.

The test and quarantine exemption period for people infected with COVID-19 has been extended from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

Individuals infected with COVID-19 need to be notified to their workplace and social contacts, but at work they no longer need to be notified individually to all potential workers.

The state also announced a number of changes in the lock step with its neighboring state, New South Wales. This includes abolishing the 7-day close contact isolation requirement.

However, wearing a mask indoors and “avoiding sensitive settings” requires close contact. They also need to perform at least 5 negative rapid antigen tests over a period that would previously have been a 7-day quarantine period.

The day after peak business groups in both states called on the government to end tight contact isolation requirements to alleviate labor shortages.

Both states have also abolished the mandatory quarantine period for unvaccinated international travelers.

The state of health said the state was in a position to relax the rules as the waves of Omicron began to subside.

“What we know is that we have passed the peak and we can look at the wise measures of this group that can take us into a still difficult winter. “Folly Said Reporter.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said it was an important day for all Victorian people as the state moved to the “appropriate next step” in managing a pandemic.

“So, from Saturday, it’s me in the community to make the right choices for ourselves, to protect ourselves, and to protect the people around us as we live our daily lives. We will absolutely focus on the individual discretion of all of us, “he said.

Rebecca Chu


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