Victoria Labor Announces Payments to Save Energy Charges

The Victorian Labor Government has announced a new one-time payment of $ 250 ($ 176.4) to all households in Victoria as part of a new energy saving bonus program.

“This is a great opportunity for Victorians to save money, save on living expenses and cut energy bills,” said the Premier of Victoria. Daniel Andrews Said.

This $ 250 million (US $ 176.4 million) program offers a $ 250 bill reduction bonus if all Victorian households are looking for a better energy deal on the Victorian Energy Comparison website. Are eligible to apply.

“Power companies rely on people who don’t have the time, information, or knowledge to save money, but we know there are better deals out there-and we Victoria. I’m helping my family find them in the morning, “he said on May 2.

The New program It will be offered as part of the Victoria 2022 budget and will be available for submission from 1 July.

According to the Victoria State Government, 7 out of 10 Victorians can save money after switching energy supplies. In the first year of the switch, you typically save $ 330 ($ 232.8) a year.

In addition, the state’s previous $ 250 power saving bonus program for concession cardholders and pensioners has been extended to June 30 for some Victorian households in both programs. You could save up to $ 580 a year.

“This one-time $ 250 payment provides immediate financial relief for those struggling to pay for electricity, while helping Victorians find better energy deals,” Victoria said. Energy Minister Lily Dambrosio said.

The financial distribution of Victoria will take place when the $ 250 living cost of the coalition begins its first deployment. April 27th.

March 29, As part of the announcement, Australian Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg announced a federal budget for 2022 to fund $ 250 to 6 million low-income Australians to support their daily lives.

The payment announcement was immediately attacked on March 30 by Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese as “distributing stapled cash to the voting system,” along with a six-month short-term fuel tax cut. At Network Ten.

Albanese said All major implementations were “tactics” for the coalition to be “re-elected.”

“All spending is intended to occur on May 14th or May 21st. That is, there is a one-time payment in April. They may want to squeeze cash into their voting method. “Maybe,” he said on ABC Radio on March 30th.

The Victoria Labor Party payment announcement will be made in a timely manner during the election season, with the federal elections scheduled for May 21, 2022.

Marina Chan


Marina Chan is based in Melbourne and focuses on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]