Victoria plans $ 35 million in digital replication

Victoria is an ambitious $ 35.2 million (US $ 26.2 million) state that will be digitally replicated to speed up city planning and allow governments, industries and communities to tour the state virtually and online. Funded the project. However, security experts warn that the project will open up a new “attack surface” for malicious cyber attackers.

Unlike Google Maps Street View, which displays 2D images of streets and buildings, the Digital Twin Victoria (DTV) project aims to allow users to fly around the state in 3D space. ..

This means planners, engineers, and builders have access to the digital landscape to see what the project looks like in the real world, and research, plan, and develop the feasibility of the project all in their desk comfort. You can greatly speed up from.

“The fusion of big data and advanced technology enables Digital Twin Victoria to perform tasks that previously took weeks, months, or even years, in minutes to days,” Victoria said. Planning Minister Richard Win Media release.

“Digital Twin Victoria drives Victoria into a digital future, increases planning and construction efficiency, and promotes the state’s long-term growth and continued economic recovery.”

Epoch Times Photo
An example of infrastructure recreation using Digital Twin Victoria. (Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning)

The backbone of this technology is based on CSIRO’s Terria JS, an open source framework for modeling real-world locations within virtual landscapes. Open source means that you can view or copy and modify your code for free.

However, Michael Shoebridge, head of defense, strategy, and national security at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said a heavy reliance on digital replicas could open up data that relied on cyberattacks. It was.

“In cyber terms, digital twins provide a whole new’attack surface’for criminals and national cyberattackers,” Schubridge told The Epoch Times.

Shoebridge said cyberhackers gaining control of digital twin datasets could install ransomware just like any other software or data and lock the system until payment requirements are met. ..

Epoch Times Photo
Side-by-side view of the eastern treatment sewage treatment plant when looking above and below ground using a digital twin Victoria. (Victoria Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning)

He also said that giving state officials accurate insights into the layout of the actual system could expose them to other vulnerabilities.

A Victorian government spokesperson told The Epoch Times that no impact assessment was needed to address potential risks.

A spokeswoman said the twins “cover the entire Victoria” and did not explicitly mention whether DTV would include a detailed view of important or strategic infrastructure such as power plants and military bases.

A spokeswoman also didn’t explicitly mention whether other major infrastructures such as sewers, electrical cables, and communications cables would be included, but the platform was “[catered] Underground, surface level, and aboveground data. “

New technologies are being tested elsewhere, including a proof-of-concept project in New South Wales and Singapore’s $ 98 million (US $ 73 million) virtual Singapore project.

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